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7th Irregular verbs

être be / was/were / been
battre beat / beat / beaten
devenir become / became / become
casser break / broke /broken
apporter bring / brought / brought
construire build / built/ built
éclater burst / burst / burst
acheter buy / bought / bought
attraper catch / caught / caught
choisir choose / chose / chosen
venir come / came / come
coûter cost / cost / cost
couper cut / cut / cut
faire do / did / done
dessiner draw/ drew/ drawn
boire drink / drank/ drunk
conduire drive/ drove / driven
manger eat / ate / eaten
tomber fall / fell / fallen
ressentir feel / felt / felt
combattre fight / fought / fought
trouver find / found / found
fuir flee / fled / fled
voler (avec des ailes) fly / flew / flown
interdire forbid / forbade / forbidden
prévoir forecast / forecast / forecast
geler freeze / froze / frozen
obtenir get / got / got
donner give / gave / given
aller go / went / gone
pousser, faire pousser grow / grew / grown
avoir have / had / had
entendre hear / heard / heard
cacher hide / hid / hidden
frapper hit / hit / hit
tenir hold / held / held
garder keep / kept / kept
s'agenouiller kneel / knelt / knelt
connaître know / knew / known
apprendre learn / learnt(learned) / learnt (learned)
laisser, partir leave / left / left
faire / fabriquer make / made / made
signifier, vouloir dire mean / meant / meant
rencontrer meet / met / met
payer pay / paid / paid
mettre put / put / put
lire read / read / read
courir, diriger run / ran / run
dire say / said / said
voir see / saw / seen
nager swim / swam / swum
envoyer send / sent / sent
montrer show / showed / shown
dormir sleep / slept / slept
parler speak / spoke / spoken
voler steal / stole / stolen
prendre take / took / taken
enseigner teach / taught / taught
penser think / thought / thought
comprendre understand / understood / understood
porter un vêtement wear / wore / worn
écrire write / wrote / written
Created by: TeacherStBarth01