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Spanish Lecture 2

What is the capital of Spain? Madrid
Who are two of the great spanish artists? Goya and Picasso
What time does lunch and dinner start at? 2.30 and 9.30
What do you bring when you go to a party? Wine, chocolate and flowers
Why do spaniards kiss when greeting instead of shaking hands? Shaking hands is considered too formal.
How much are tips in spain? 5% to 10% of overall bill
In which continents does Spain have part of its territory? Africa
What is the most spoken language in Latin America? Spanish
Why is Spanish widely spoken in Latin America? Because of Spanish influence during colonialism.
Do women and men have equal rights and opportunities in Latin America? Yes
Can latinos be of any race? Yes
What is being Hispanic? Being connected to the Spanish Language.
What is a hidden but important aspect of culture? Gender roles.
What are the key cultural values of latino culture? Familismo, Personalismo, Respeto, Religion, Machismo, Marianismo, Fatalismo
What is familismo? Familial ties are important, that extend to good friends and godparents.
What is Personalismo? A focus on relationships and closer inter-personal spaces.
What is Respeto? Children are to respect teachers and other adults
What is religion in latino culture? Majority of Latinos are Roman Catholic.
What is Machismo? Men are expected to be strong, manly, and the support for the family
What is Marianismo? Women are expected to be morally strong, pure and chaste.
What is fatalismo? Recognising that certain things are outside human control i.e. it is god's will.