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2016 Hispanic Country Information

capital of Ecuador Quito
identify the country: Guaraní (indigenous language and currency) / flag has a different emblem on each side Paraguay
identify the country: illegal drugs / coffee / children receive gifts in their shoes / emerald mines Colombia
What is flamenco? art form consisting of chanting/singing, guitar-playing, and rhythmic clapping and stomping
capital of España Madrid
identify the country: `Near the Lake` / 50% poverty Nicaragua
identify the country: `Rich Coast` / colón / tourism / queque navideño (similar to plum pudding) / Columbus 1502 Costa Rica
identify the country: `Where the land runs out / many watersports / long coastline / copper mining / Easter Island / pan de Pascua / 2010 mining accident-all were rescued Chile
What are the Islas Malvinas? Group of Islands off Argentina claimed by the British. The U.K. and Argentina fought a war over the islands in 1982. The U.K. retained control over the islands.
What is the country with which Spain shares the Iberian peninsula? Portugal
What is the most literate Hispanic country? Uruguay (98%).
Central or South America? Brazil South America
Central or South America? Costa Rica Central America
Define: constitutional monarchy republic/democracy with symbolic king/queen
Define: democracy rule by the people
Define: gauchos Argentinian cowboys
_____ is located at the southern most tip of South America in Chile Cape Horn
abrazo in English hug
asado in English barbecue
Bélice in English Belize
capital of Argentina Buenos Aires
capital of Belize Belmopán
For most Spanish-speaking countries: Christmas is in this season verano (summer)
For most Spanish-speaking countries: Economically, most people are _____ poor
For most Spanish-speaking countries: The _____ is a religious Christmas decoration in most homes nacimiento (nativity scene) (pesebre in Venezuela)
For most Spanish-speaking countries: The biggest meal of the day is _____ lunch
For most Spanish-speaking countries: The ethnic group making up the highest percentage of the population is _____ mestizo
For most Spanish-speaking countries: The form of government is _____ Republic
For most Spanish-speaking countries: The most popular sport is _____ fútbol (soccer)
For most Spanish-speaking countries: The religion practice by most is _____ Roman Catholicism
Identify the country: `land of the rabbits` / damasquinado / flamenco / Iberian peninsula / symbolic king and queen / olives (aceitunas) Spain (España)
identify the country: `Little Venice` / pesebre / abundant oil / Angel Falls / Hugo Chávez / roller skate to Christmas service / 2016 serious lack of daily necessitieshe Venezuela
Define: Tributary Stream flowing into river/lake
España in English Spain
For most Spanish-speaking countries: ____ is compulsory for children education
capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa
capital of La República Dominicana Santo Domingo
capital of México La Ciudad de México (Mexico City)
identify the country: means `depths` / products: textiles, timber, coffee / Virgen de Suyapa / Democratic Constitutional Republic / 2009 coup / mestizo: 90% Honduras
identify the country: means `The Savior` / coffee / smallest country in the western hemisphere / Land of the Volcanoes El Salvador
identify the country: Quetzal / Mayans / Abrazo de Navidad Guatemala
Central or South America? El Salvador Central America
Central or South America? Nicaragua Central America
Central or South America? Venezuela South America
Christmas Eve in Spanish Nochebuena
city in Spanish (la) ciudad
ciudad in English city
Define: Archipelago Group of islands
Define: Banana Republic Small dependent nation, politically/economically unstable
Define: Commonwealth Independent community
Define: Communism Government: collective ownership, state economic control, authoritarian
identify the country: shares island with Haiti / sugar / African influence La República Dominicana
identify the country: U.S. Commonwealth / president is Obama / bilingual Puerto Rico
Identify the feature of Latin America: highest peak of the Andes Mountains Mount Aconcagua (Argentina)
Identify the feature of Latin America: second longest river in the world / largest river in volume of water / Perú is a main source / flows eastward through Brazil to the coast Amazon River
Identify the feature of Latin America: spans from Venezuela along the west coast of South America to southern Chile (Cape Horn) / many peaks are volcanoes Andes Mountains
In most Spanish-speaking countries: ____ is observed on January 6 Epiphany (El Día de los Tres Reyes) (Three Kings Day)
capital of Nicaragua Managua
capital of Panama La ciudad de Panamá (Panama City)
capital of Paraguay Asunción
identify the country: bullfight on Christmas day / Incas / Machu Picchu / Quechua tribe carves nativity figures / paleta frontón Perú
identify the country: Christmas is called `family day` / most literate Hispanic country 98% / exports meat, leather, wool / Asado social event / Truco (card game) Uruguay
identify the country: communist / Raúl Castro / president's brother lead 1959 revolution / Fidel Castro died on U.S. Thanksgiving 2016 / sugar and tobacco / Christmas is one of few nonpolitical holidays Cuba
identify the country: constitutional monarchy / shares Iberian peninsula with another country / olives and grapes / olive oil España
identify the country: English is official language / sugar / formerly `British Honduras` Belice
identify the country: equator / people ride decorated llamas on Christmas day Ecuador
identify the country: fifth largest country in the world / coffee / soy / Portuguese / Iguazú Falls Brasil
In most Spanish-speaking countries: Misa del _____ is observed Gallo (Mass of the Rooster)
In what country do they roller-skate to the daily Christmas service? Venezuela
In what country is manchego cheese made? Spain
Islas Malvinas in English Falkland Islands
La República Dominicana in English The Dominican Republic
meaning of: nacimiento (pesebre) nativity scene (pesebre is the version from Venezuela)
Most Spanish-speaking countries are located in what part of the world? Central and South America
Navidad in English Christmas
Nochebuena in English Christmas Eve
Spain in Spanish España
This acronym is for what region? Brilliant missionaries give every single hungry native cold rice and potatoes. Central America
What are jumping beans? Seeds from Mexican shrubs that contain larva. When the seeds are warm, the larva become active and jump, causing the beans (seeds) to tumble or jerk.
What is a tortilla made of in Spain? Eggs
What is the parrillero? special wood-fire oven used to cook meat in the Asado social event (Uruguay)
What is the Río Grande? The river that separates Mexico and the U.S. known as `Río Bravo` in Mexico; flows from Southern Colorado to Gulf of Mexico
Where are the colossal heads and hieroglyphic tablets located? Easter Island
What are the three Hispanic countries in the islands of the Caribbean? Puerto Rico, La República Dominicana, and Cuba
What are the two landlocked countries in South America? Bolivia and Paraguay
What continent is south of Spain? Africa
What country has a flag with a different emblem on each side? Paraguay
What country is north of Spain? Francia (France)
What is `Las Posadas`? Nightly procession with children in costume reenacting the holy family`s search for shelter. It starts 9 days before Christmas Eve (Nochebuena).
What is a maquiladora? Factory in Mexico that imports materials and equipment from the U.S. for assembly and manufacturing, and then re-exports the completed products the the U.S.
What is a pesebre? Specially designed depiction of the nativity scene displayed on December 16 through Christmas in Venezuela.
What is a piñata? Mexican paper/cardboard doll in shape of an animal, filled with candy or toys and suspended in the air while blindfolded children try to break it, letting the contents spill and all observing children to rush to gather up the goodies
What is a tortilla española and in what country is it made? egg and potato omelette made in Spain
identify the country: 2 capitals / landlocked / Salar (salt flat) de Uyuni / tin Bolivia
Identify the country: 5th largest country in the world / coffee / Portuguese / Iguazú Brasil (Brazil)
identify the country: Balboa / Christmas celebration begins on Mother's Day (Dec. 8) / isthmus / canal completed in 1914 / arroz con piña Panamá
Define: Peninsula Land almost surrounded by water
Define: republic representative government
capital of Bolivia There are 2: La Paz (administrative); Sucre (judicial)
capital of Brazil Brasilia
capital of Chile Santiago
capital of Colombia Bogotá
capital of Costa Rica San José
capital of Cuba La Havana
Define: Isthmus Narrow land joining larger bodies
Define: Mestizo Person of mixed race from Latin America (typically native American, European, and African)
Define: Misa del Gallo (Mass of the Rooster) midnight Christmas Eve/Christmas church mass
capital of Guatemala La Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala City)
Define: Patron Saint Charitable advocate
capital of Perú Lima
capital of Puerto Rico San Juan
capital of Uruguay Montevideo
capital of Venezuela Caracas
Caribbean or Europe? La República Dominicana Caribbean
Caribbean or Europe? Puerto Rico Caribbean
What is jamón serrano and where is it from? cured ham from Spain
What is paella? Rice and chicken or rice and seafood dish from Spain.
Where do the gauchos wander? Las pampas (flat plains of Argentina)
Where is Angel Falls? Venezuela
Where is damasquinado made? Toledo, Spain
identify the country: Large Italian background / `Land of Silver` / cattle raising and meat packing / Islas Malvinas Argentina
identify the country: Las Posadas / piñata / jumping beans / Río Bravo / Maquiladora México
capital of El Salvador San Salvador
Caribbean or Europe? Spain Europe
Central or South America? Amazon River South America
Central or South America? Argentina South America
What is damasquinado? artwork on jewelry and other items made of iron or steel with inlay of silver and/or gold threads
What is Easter Island and where is it? Easter Island belongs to Chile. It's located about 2,300 miles from the coast. Encountered by Dutch explorers in 1722 (on Easter Day), the island is famous for its hieroglyphic tablets and colossal heads carved from volcanic rock
Where is Iguazú Falls? between Argentina and Brazil
Where is Lladró made? Valencia, Spain
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