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December Math

quotients, dividing fractions, integers

What is the quotient of the division problem ? 7/8 divided by 1/4? 3 and 1/2
what is 3/4 divided by 1/2? 3/2 or 1 and 1/2
What is a quotient?
What is an integer? all whole numbers and their opposites
Carol has 2 and 1/2 strawberry pies left over from a family reunion. If each serving is 1/8 of a pie, how many servings does she have? 20
Which number is the result of dividing 56,000 by 7,000? 8
Rigo saves $55 each week to buy a laptop computer that costs $1,595. How many weeks will Rigo need to save before he can buy the computer? 29 weeks
During the first 18 weeks of school, Alfonso read a total of 2,286 pages. He read the same number of pages each week. How many pages did he read in a week? 127 pages
Rudy’s Quick Stop was selling gasoline for $1.709 per gallon. The Super 6 Gas Depot was selling gasoline for $1.695 per gallon. What was the difference in price per gallonbetween the two stations? $0.014
At a deli, sliced turkey costs $4.80 per pound. How much does 0.85 pound of turkey cost? $4.08
Mrs. Nelson bought 58.7 ounces of granola for her daughter’s class. There are 26 students in the class, and she gave each student an equal amount of granola. Which of the following is the BEST estimate of the amount of granola each student received? 3 ounces
5. Reed and his friends went scuba diving. They each reported how many feet below sea level they dove. Which value would represent the deepest dive? -369 feet
The lowest point in North America is Death Valley in California. Its elevationis two hundred eighty-two feet below sea level. Which integer should be used to express this elevation?
Created by: dwinczner
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