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Junko French Rev

John Locke He believed people were entitled to Life, Liberty, and Property
Voltaire He believed that people should be led by an Enlightened Monarch
Rousseau He believed that education should be experienced first hand
Montesquieu He believed in the separation of powers
Tennis Court Oath A vow to continue to meet until the 3rd Estate was given authority within the government
Sans-Culottes Political group during the French Revolution led by ordinary patriots that did not wear finer clothes like culottes
Committee of Public Safety Group of men that were give broad powers to defend France from all threats to the revolution
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen This document declared equal rights for all men
Maximillian Robespierre The head of the Committee of Public Safety
Austria and Prussia These were the two nations that revolutionaries fought during the French Revolution
Reign of Terror The systematic execution of any enemy of the revolution
Bastille The prison in Paris that housed the government's gun powder supply
Thermodorian Reaction The capture and execution of Robespierre
Marie Antoinette The queen of France that recklessly spent money on clothes, jewelry, and lavish parties
Emigres Nobles that fled France during the French Revolution
Great Fear The unorganized panic in which peasants rose up against the noble class
Law of Suspects Enabled the Committee of Public Safety to execute anyone they considered an enemy of the Revolution
Jean Paul Marat Leader of the Sans Culotte that was stabbed to death in his bathtub
The Directory Government that consisted of Five Executives
Jacobins Radical party within the National Convention that was led by Robespierre
Created by: mjunko1