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ir vocabulary sheet

ir to go
venir to come
llegar to arrive
comprar to buy
buscar to look for
ensenar to teach, to show
esperar to hope, to wait
adonde? where to?
cuanto? how much?
cuanta? how much? (F)
que? what?
como? how?
quien? who?
con quien? with whom?
de quien? from whom?
a quien? to whom?
para quien? for whom?
donde? where?
por que? why?
cuando? when?
de donde? from where?
cual? which?
otro other, another
mucho alot
todo all
cerca de close to
lejos de far from
oye! hey!
mira! look!
entonces well, well then, then
invitar to invite
llevar to take, to wear, to carry
tomar to take, to drink
sacar take out, to take out
lago lake
teatro theatre
club club
resaurante restaurant
cafe cafe
concierto concert
pueblo town
lugar place
centro downtown
barrio neighborhood
cine movies, movie theatre
hotel hotel
campo country, country side
mar sea
museo museum
banco bank
fiesta party
escuela school
iglesia church
tienda store
plaza town square
ciudad city
piscina pool
calle street
playa beach
casa house
Created by: aknipp0449