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De Vacaciones

Vocabulary for Vacation Writing

waterfall cataratas
cathedral catedral
city ciudad
lake lago
sea mar
mountains montañas
museum museo
pyramid pirámide
ruins ruinas
rain forest selva tropical
places of interest lugares de interés
souvenirs recuerdos
photo foto
forest selva / bosque
coat abrigo
sunglasses gafas de sol
boots botas
suntan lotion bronceador
scarf bufanda
camera cámara
cap gorra
hat/beanie gorro
gloves guantes
raincoat impermeable
suitcase maleta
umbrella paraguas
passport pasaporte
swimsuit traje de baño bañador
to rest descansar
to ski esquiar
to explore explorar
to wear llevar
to take pictures sacar fotos
to take a walk dar un paseo pasear
to sunbathe tomar el sol
to visit visitar
to plan pensar
to return regresar volver
to leave salir
Created by: alg_modlangs