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Spanish III

cierto true
falso false
activo active
cariñoso happy
imaginativo imaginative
impulsivo impulsive
egoista selfish
terco stubborn
dulce sweet
honesto honest
perezoso lazy
el cuñado brother in law
la cuñada sister in law
el yerno son in law
la nuera daughter in law
el suegro father in law
la suegra mother in law
el nieto grandson
la nieta granddaughter
el sobrina nephew
la sobrina niece
el bisabuelo great grandfather
la bisabuela great grandmother
el bisnieto great grandson
la bisnieta great granddaughter
yo hablo I speak
tu hablas you speak
él habla he speaks
ella habla she speaks
usted habla they speak
nosotros hablamos we speak
vosotros habláis you speak
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes hablan they speak.
respuestas answers
Estoy de acuerdo I agree
no estoy de acuerdo I do not agree
estoy seguro/a de que I'm sure that...
me gusta cómo dices I like how you say....
estoy encantado/a I'm delighted
aconsejar to advise
comparar to compare
contrastar to contrast
discutir to discuss
expresarse to express oneself
recomendar to recommend
sugerir to suggest
¿Verdad? Isn't it so? or Right?
Parece que it seems that
es verdad it is true
en resumen to sum up
echarse en la cama to go to bed
cortar la barba o el pelo to shave
dares prisa to hurry up
lavarse en la bañera/la tina to take a bath
dejar de dormir to wake up
hacer domir to fall asleep
tomar una ducha to take a shower
marcharse to go away, to leave
limpiar con aqua u otro líquido to wash up
raíz root
arroyos secos dry streams
llanura rajada de grietas plain torn by cracks
landran bark on a tree
amanecer dawn
pesads heavy
Veintitantos twenty-something
platicaría would talk
puñitos fistful
resecan to dry up
desperdigando scattering
resuello wheeze
plasta lump
arrima brings closer
salivazo chunk of spit
cerros hills
aguacera downpour
equivicación mistake
Llano plain
detenido stopped
Huizaches trespeleques some kind of small animals
Manchita de zacate spot of a plant
carabina carabine/ rifle
enroscades twisted
avisarle warning him
terciada carried
asunto subject
Resbalan slide
Asomar to stick out
detengan stop/detain
tatema roast
Largatijas lizards
costra crust
jeta face
pellejo skin
Vegas fertile valley
Yuntas area of the land
arado plow
buche sip
cantera quarry
estiraran stretched
azadón hoe
deslavada washed out
manifiéstnelo report it
zopilotes buzzards
Latifundio large estate terregal
endurecido hardened lump of earth
comal acalorado heated griddle
reculando recoiled
retoña sprouts
traspasado transferred
remolino whirlpool
yeguas mares
ahogar to drown
gabán overcoat
Derrumbadero abyss
Ombligo belly button
Bastimento: supply
Envueltos wrapped
Mercaste •: did you buy
Pepenaste •: did you steal
Atajo shortcut
Zangolotea jiggle
Bostezara yawned
Barranca canyon
casuarina type of tree
desata unties
parvadas flocks
desentumecerla loosen up
chachalaca type of bird
arriendo rent
cuate best friend
padre priest
pedir to ask
repetir to repeat
decir to say, tell
competir to compete
elegir to choose
medir to measure
reír to laugh
pedir to ask for
servir to serve
conseguir to get
sonreír to smile
almorzar to eat lunch
contar to count to tell
encontrar to find, to meet
mostrar to show
recordar to remember
poder to be able to
volver to return
mover to move
dormir to sleep
toalla towel
ducha shower
zapatos shoes
cocina kitchen
periódico newspaper
reloj watch
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