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Obstacles ~disease and starvation ~fear of the unknown ~poor maps and navigational tools, ~lack of adequate supplies
Motivations ~spead christanity ~economic ($)- gold, natural resouces, and trade ~compensation ($) for empire and belief in superiority of the own culture
Accomplishments ~improved maps and navigational tools ~exchanged goods and ideas ~claimed territories for empires
LaSalle ~claimed the Mississippi River Valley for France
Cabot ~explored to northeast coast of Canada for England
Champlain ~established the French settlement of Quebec
Coronado ~claimed the southwest United States for Spain
French ~established trading posts ~spead the christian religion to the indians
Spanish ~conquered and enslaved indians ~brought christianity and european diseases ~brought european diseaes to indians
English ~established settlements and cliamed ownership of the land ~learned farming techniques from the Indians
Confilct between Indians and Europeans ~arguments over land ~competition for trade ~different in culture ~diseases ~languuage differences
Cooperation between Indians and Europeans ~trade ~crops ~Europeans brought weapons and metal farm tools
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai ~located in the western region of Africa ~dominated west Africa one afteranother from 300-1600 AD ~powerful trading empires in west Africa
Portugal ~carried goods from Europe to west Africa empires ~traded metal, cloth and other manufactured goods for GOLD!
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