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Musica Española

Terms for discussing the importance of music

la música music
escuchar la música to listen to music
descargar to download
vender discos to sell records
ventas de disco record sales
tener éxito to have success
fracasar to fail
fracaso failure
un cantante a singer
un(a) cantautor(a) a singer-songwriter
un grupo a group
el flamenco flamenco, traditional Andalusian music
nuevo flamenco fusion genre, combining flamenco and hip-hop
la cumbia traditional Colombian music
el merengue traditional Dominican music
la bachata Dominican dance, associated with poor/rural areas
el tango Argentinian music & dance
el son (cubano) traditional Cuban music
la música latina music from South and Central America
Reggaeton fusion genre, combining any form of música latina and hip hop
la música pop pop music
el rock rock music
el jazz (pronounced "yazz" or "jazz" not "hath") jazz music
la sardana traditional Catalan dance
el rock catalán modern, popular music from Catalonia
bailar to dance
baila a dance
descargar de forma ilegal to download illegally
banda sonora soundtrack
emisoras de radio radio stations
una conexión banda broadband connection
gran tradición de música folclórica great tradition of folk music
influencias influences
influir (conj. like construir) to influence
me gusta el ritmo I like the rhythm
me gustan las letras I like the lyrics
los 40 principales the top 40
las regalías royalties
flor de un día one hit wonder
un concierto a concert
una gira a tour
género genre
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