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Physics people match

Physics 1200 important people matching

Isaac Newton Said light was made of particles.
Thomas Young Showed that light is a wave.
R.D. Oldham Studied earthquakes waves to show the earth had a liquid core.
Albert Einstein Showed light is a particle through the photoelectric effect.
Heinrich Hertz Unit of Frequency named after him
James Maxwell Found variation in the strength of the electric and magnetic fields
Christian Doppler Doppler effect- stretch waves as they move away and squish them as they move towards you
Wilhelm Roentgen First to identify form of radiation : x-rays
Henri Becquerel Discovered alpha particles as radiation
Marie Curie Discovered alpha particles are coming from the nucleus.
James Chadwick Discovered the nucleus contained neutral particles
Maria Mayer/ Hans Jensen Both put forth independent theories of "nuclear shells"
Enrico Fermi Started the 1st sustained fission reaction
Lise Meitner/ Irene Curie Broke down uranium by adding neutron to its nucleus
Ida Noddack Suggested uranium could break up but no one listened
Otto Hahn Expert in spectroscopy and won the Nobel prize for fission
Frederic Joliot Won a Nobel prize for showing elements can be made radioactive
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