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Dímelo Tú cap. 7

Vocabulary pp. 254-255

boleto ticket
consejo advice
elegir to elect
formalmente formally
gentileza gentleness
informalmente informally
reír to laugh
sonreír to smile
carne meat
dieta diet
freír to fry
fruta fruit
pescado fish
postre dessert
servir to serve
vegetariano vegetarian
vestir to dress
abusar to abuse, to take advantage
ayudar to help
competir to compete
delatar to reveal, to denounce
despedir to fire, to dismiss
determinar to determine
la imagen image
negativo/a negative
obligar to obligate
permitir to allow
problema problm
proyectar to project
punto point
repetir to repeat
revelar to reveal, to develop
secreto secret
significar to signify, to mean
solución solution
suficiente sufficient, enough
sumar to sum up, to add
función dancefunction
amor love
beso kiss
cita date
comprometido engaged
flor flower
infidelidad infidelity
juntos together
acompañar to acompany
admirar to admire
adorar to adore
controlar to control
impresionar to impress
odiar to hate
prometer to promise
respetar to respect
cortés polite
familiares relatives
iniciative initiative
modales manners
puntual punctual
recoger to pick up, to gather
vela candle
nombrar to name
oír to hear
poner to put
traer to bring
cosa thing
Latinoamérica Latin America
narcotráfico drug traffic
obra work
parte part
participante participant
perfil profile
personalmente personally
pies feet
siguiente next
selva jungl
trozo piece
casi almost
de vuelta in return
elegantemente elegantly
en absoluto absolutely not, not at all
excelente excellent
propósito purpose, intent
seguir to continue
según according to
seguro/a sure, secure, safe
abstracto/a abstract
acrílico acrylic
acuarela watercolor
barroco/a baroque
contemporaneo contemporary
escultura sculpture
granito granite
impresionista impressionist
mármol marble
óleo oil (painting)
pintor/a painter
comprender to comprehend
detestar to detest
expresar to express
sentimiento sentiment
datos facts
élite elite
ideal ideal
personal personal
extranjero foreigner
personaje character (in anovel)
político politician
montaño mountain
naturaleza nature
oro gold
producto product
sal salt
conocer to know, to be familiar with
distinguir to distinguish
ignorar to ignore
resolver to resolve
saber to know (facts)
enfermedad illness
iglesia church
reconocido/a recognized, known
básicamente basically
disco record, disc
relación relationship
situación situation
todavía still, yet
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