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Vocabulario 3A/3B

amenazar to threaten
asegurar(se) to assure (to make sure)
desaparecer (-zc) to dissapear
desarrollar to develop
desterrar (ie) to exile
detener (ie) to detain
disfutar to enjoy
ejecutar to execute
escoger (j) to choose
exigir (j) to demand
garantizar to guarantee
promover (ue) to promote
proteger (j) to protect
tomar conciencia to become aware
violar to rape
el asilo (político) asylum (political)
el bienestar well-being
el delito crime
el desarrollo development
la esclavitud slavery
el juicio trial
el nivel de vida standard of living
el/la preso/a prisoner
el sufragio universal universal sufferage
el trato treatment
le vejez old age
preso/a imprisoned
sin fines de lucro non-profit
construir (y) to constitute
denunciar to denounce/report (to the police)
erradicar to erradicate
laborar to work
lanzar to launch/put forth
mostrar (ue) to show
patrocinar to sponsor
unirse a to join with
la alianza alliance
la campaña campaign
el compromiso obligation/pledge/commitment
el esfuerzo effort
la meta the goal
la trata (de personas/niños) human trafficking
el valor courage
protector/a protective
año tras año year after year
recaudar fondos to raise funds
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