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Adjectives - 7 to 17

agotado exhausted
arriesgado risky
asustada scared
bastante (adj 1) quite
borrico stupid; donkey
carnicero (adj) carnivorous
célebre famous; celebrated
cuya whose, of which;
deprimido depressed
desenfrenado frenzied; uncontrolled
desierto (adjective) deserted; empty
desnudo nude; naked
discapacitada disabled
disponible availabe
exitosa successful
extranjero (adj) foreign
extraño strange; odd
fijado set; fixed
harto sick of; fed up with
impredecible unpredictable
indignante outrageous; shocking
inesperado unexpected
influyente influential
inoportuna inappropriate; inopportune, badly timed
insoportable unbearable
irrealizable impractical, unattainable; unfeasible
lujoso luxurious
maldito damned; cursed
occidentales western; westerners
polémico controversial
promedio average
reacio reluctant
refrescante refreshing
roto broken; torn; ripped
sencillo (adj.) simple; easy; straightforward (adjective)
sorprendente surprising; astonishing
sumida immersed; consumed
terco stubborn
travieso naughty, mischievous
\\estupendo great; wonderful
\\mayor greater; higher; bigger; older;
\escaso scarce; limited;
\esperado expected
\feroz fierce; ferocious
\mayor greater; higher; bigger; older;
abrumado overwhelmed
acaudalado wealthy
acordado agreed
agrio bitter; disagreeable
ajeno (1) of another person;
ajeno (2) foreign; alien
ajustado tight
alarmante alarming
ambos both
amplio wide; broad; spacious;
ausente absent
blando soft
bravo (2) fierce
bursátil of the stock market
callado silent; quiet
calvo bald
canadiense Canadian
capaz capable; able
ciego blind
conservador conservative
constipado having a cold
coreana Korean
creciente growing
culpable guilty
decepcionado disappointed
décima tenth
desconocido unknown
desempleados unemployed
desorbitado exagerated; blown out of proportion; excessive
dispuesto ready, prepared, disposed
distinto (1) different
distintos (2) various; several
dorada golden
económico inexpensive
embarazada pregnant; expecting
en llamas on fire; in flames
engañoso deceitful; misleading
enterada informed
entero whole; entire;
equivocado wrong
escaso scarce; limited;
escolar related to school
escondido hidden
espantoso horrific; awful;
esperado expected
estrecho close (intimate); tight;
estupendo great; wonderful
exterior foreign
feroz fierce; ferocious
fiel faithbul
griego Greek
hambriento hungry
inocente innocent
lento slow
mayor greater; higher; bigger; older;
mediático publicized; famous; high-profile;
opuesto opposite; contrary;
orgulloso proud
paranoico paranoid
pésimo aweful; disastrous; abysmal;
picado chopped; minced;
pleno full; in the height of
poblado (adj) populated; populous
quinto fifth
raro weird; odd; rare
rodeado surrounded
sagrado sacred; holy
salvaje wild
sediento thirsty
soltero unmarried; single
sureño southern
turca Turkish
valeroso courageous
valiente brave; courageous
varios several
veraniego of summer
verdadero true
vigesima twentieth
vivo alive
alucinante amazing; hallucinatory; fantastic
apurado in a hurry; rushed;
asombroso amazing
áspero rough
asqueado disgusted
cansado tired
castaño brown
consigo with him; with her;
delirante delirious
desesperado desperate
desgraciado unfortunate
despectivo disparaging; derogatory; insulting;
diestro dextrous; skillful;
ebrio drunk
educado well-mannered; polite
eficaz effective
engreído conceited; cocky; smug; arrogant;
esquivo evasive; elusive;
fiable trustworthy
hábil skilled; clever; good (at something)
hondo deep; profound
incómodo uncomfortable
indigno (1) unworthy or undeserving
indigno (2) undignified; shameful; despicable;
ingenuo naïve; ingenuous; unsuspecting;
inigualable incomparable
insensato foolish;
insólito unusual; extraordinary;
lejano distant; far away;
ligero light
liso smooth
llano flat; level
lugareño local; native
malvado wicked; evil;
mareado sick (with nausea); queasy; dizzy;
perezoso lazy
pesado heavy (a lot of weight)
poderoso powerful
previo prior
previsto planned; expected; predicted to be;
procaz indecent; obscene; lewd
quisquilloso fussy
receloso suspicious
rematado utter; complete; absolute;
reposado calm; rested; unhurried
resbaladizo slippery
respetuoso respectful
sin par incomparable
soberano sovereign
torpe clumsy
vanidoso vain
vinculante binding
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