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Verbs 3 to 16

acabar to end; finish; complete
acabar de have just…; have ended up..;
acoger to welcome; accept
adquirir to acquire, purchase
advertir to warn
aguantar to support; prop up
alcanzar to reach, achieve
alejar to alienate
apostar to bet
apoyar to support; endorse
apretar to squeeze, tighten
aprobar to approve or pass
aprovechar to take advantage of
asegurar to ensure, secure, assure
aterrizar to land
atraer to attract
bromear to joke
cobrar to charge, collect
colgar to hang
conseguir to achieve; to obtain
dañar to damage; hurt; destroy
derogar to repeal; abolish
derribar knock down; demolish
despedirse say goodbye; bid farewell
despegar to take off
destinar to allocate; assign
detener a to arrest
dirigir to run, manage
disparar to shoot
enseñar to teach; to show
entregar to deliver;
entregar (s.m.) to hand over or surrender
exigir to demand; to require
fallecer to die
frenar to brake; stop; slow down
gastar to spend
hallar to find
herir to hurt, injure
intentar to attempt, try
invertir in invest
lograr to achieve, manager, reach
malgastar to waste
medir to measure, calculate or weigh
minar (1) to mine
minar (2) to undermine
negar deny, refuse
parecer to seem, appear
pedir prestado to borrow
pelear to fight;
perjudicar to harm; damage;
predecir to predict
prender to pin, fasten;
prender (s.m.) to ignite
prestar to lend
probar (3) to prove / demonstrate
probar (1) to try
probar (2) to check, test
quejarse to complain
quitar to remove; take away
rechazar to reject
recoger to collect or pick up
reforzar to reinforce
rendirse to surrender
replegar to withdraw; pull back
respaldar to support; endorse
retirar to withdraw; to take away
seguir (s.m.) to continue
subrayar to stress, underline, highlight
suponer to suppose; to assume for the sake of argument;
acaparar to monopolize, capture, hoard
afianzar to hold on; secure;
agredir to attack or assult
ahondar to go deeper; to deepen;
asegurar (s.m.) to claim
avanzar to advance or move forward;
avisar de to warn; alert;
batir to beat; to defeat
compartir to share
condenar to sentence; condem;
copar to hog up;
demoler to demolish
descartar to discard, rule out, or dismiss;
desconfiar to distrust; have no faith
desembolsar to take out of the bag; to pay out
desmentir to deny; to squash (a rumor)
desplomar to collapse
difundir (1) to distribute; spread
dimitir to resign
disponer to prepare
elogiar to praise; laud
empujar to push
ensamblar to assemble
estrenar to debut
felicitar to congratulate
fortalecer to strengthen
fracasar to fail; to be unsuccessful
fusionar to merge
impulsar to boost; propel; encourage
mejorar to improve
pactar to make a pact; to reach an agreement;
promover to promote; foster
ralentizar to slow down
reírse to laugh
repuntar to rebound
restringir to restrict
sobrevivir to survive
suceder (1) to follow;
suceder (2) to happen; occur
superar to overcome
supondrá will mean
suponer (s.m.) to mean;
temer to fear
trasladar to move or transfer
unir to join
vengar to avenge
zanjar to settle (a case)
\alimentar foster; nurture; nourish
\contratar to hire
\restar to subtract
\tirar to waste or throw away
\traducir to translate
abordar to tackle, engage, address
alimentar foster; nurture; nourish
apagar to put out; extinguish
arrancar to kick off; to start up
arruniar to ruin or destroy
asustarse to get frightened
atravesar to go through; to cross;
calificar to qualify; to describe as; to rate;
cargar (2) to load
contratar to hire
demandar to sue
derrotar to defeat
desatar to unleash; to let loose;
disfrutar to enjoy
disputar to compete; to fight
elegir to choose; to elect
entender to understand
enterrar to bury
evitar to avoid or prevent
exponer to exhibit
extrañar (1) to miss (someone or something)
extrañarse (2) to be surprised
imponer to impose
inquietar to worry; trouble; to make uneasy
maldecir to swear; to curse;
notar to notice, recognize, perceive.
odiar to hate
realizar to realize, accomplish, fulfill, to carry out,
recabar to seek; gather;
resbalar to slip
restar to subtract
sospechar to suspect
sumar to add; to include
suspirar to sigh
tantear to feel out; to test the waters
tirar (s.m.) to waste or throw away
traducir to translate
\aportar to provide; to contribute
\recurrir a to resort to
actualizar to update
acudir to go to a place; to turn out; attend.
adelgazar to slim down; to become thinner;
allanar to raid
alquilar to rent
apaciguar to appease; to calm down
aportar to provide; to contribute
asemejarse to resemble
calentar to heat up
carecer de to lack
cavar to dig
derramarse to spill
desalojar to dislodge; to evict; to push out
despedir to fire (from a job)
destacar to emphasize
destacarse to stand out
destapar uncover; to reveal;
destituir to dismiss; to remove; to fire;
desvelar to reveal; unveil;
devolver to give back or return (something)
difundir (2) to broadcast
disipar to disperse; dispel; shatter;
enfocar to focus
engañar to cheat; deceive; mislead
hacerse (2) to become
liderar to lead;
lidiar (2) to fight
lidiar (1) to deal with;
llegar a ser to become
ocultar to hide
poder permitirse to afford
poner al día to update
quemar to burn
recurrir a to resort to
reemplazar to replace
rogar to beg or plead
subestimar to underrate; to undervalue
tapar to cover; to block;
triturar to crush; grind
tuvo (he) had; past tense of tener
volverse to turn into or become
jurar to swear (under oath)
abarcar to cover; to extend over; span;
abofetear to slap
acceder (1) to agree or accept the terms
acceder (2) to access
acosar to harass; to pester; to hound
acostarse to lie down; to go to bed; to go to sleep;
acostumbrarse to get used to; to be accustomed to;
adiestrar to train
adivinar to guess; to figure out
adivinar (2) to foretell or predit
adjuntar to attach
afirmar to state or assert
ahogarse to drown
alejarse to move away
alojar to accommodate; to house
amedrentar to scare
animar to encourage
anular to cancel
aplastar to crush or squash
apuñalar to stab
apuntar to aim; to point
arrebatar to snatch
arremeter to charge at; to attack;
arrodilarse to kneel down
atascarse to get stuck or bogged down
atracar (2) to dock or berth
atracarse to stuff oneself
atreverse to dare
aullar to howl
averiguar to find out; to look into something;
avivar revive;rekindle; intensify
burlarse to mock; to make fun of;
cautivar to captivate
ceder to give up; to ceder; to hand over
centrarse to focus
chismear gossip
comprobar to check or verify
conceder to grant or award
copiar copy; imitate
costar to struggle
denegar to deny (a request or right)
derretirse to melt
derrumbar to tear down; to demolish;
desbaratar to derail; to disrupt; to ruin;
descansar to rest
desencadenar to unleash; to trigger;
desesperar to get exasperated; to go crazy
detener to stop (something)
disminuir to reduce; to decrease
doblar (1) to bend
doblarse to bend
echar to give off; to emit;
echarse to throw oneself (to propel oneself)
empatar to tie (in a contest)
encajar to fit
encontrar (1) to find
encontrar (2) to meet; run into come across
enderezar to straighten;
enfatizar to emphasize
enterar to inform; to notify
enterarse to find out;
escalar to climb
esconder to hide
fingir to pretend
fundirse to melt
guiñar to wink
hundir (1) to sink or bring down; to ruin or destroy;
hundir (2) to sink or bring down; to ruin or destroy;
incumplir breach; failure to fulfill
inundar to flood
latir to beat (heart)
ligar (1) to tie (something together)
ligar (2) to link
llevar a cabo to carry out; to execute
maniobrar to maneuver
mentir to lie
merecerse to deserve (merit); to be worth;
mimar to coddle, spoil or pamper
mofarse to make fun of; to laugh at; to mock;
mudarse (1) to move (change location)
mudarse a to move to
navegar to sail; to navigate;
opinar to think
orar to pray
padecer to suffer; to endure
pasar por alto overlook
pertenecer to belong to
pisar to step on; to tread on
preocuparse to worry
presionar to pressure
pretender to purport; to intend (to do something);
programar to schedule
quebrar to break, to go bankrupt
quedarse sin to run out of (something)
relucir to shine or gleam
reposar to rest or lie
reprobar to condemn; express disapproval of;
respetar to respect, to obey
retrasarse (1) to be running late;
retrasarse (2) to be delayed;
rezar to pray
sacudir to shake
ser juzgado to be tried (legally)
sobrepasar to surpass; to exceed;
tardar to take time doing something
tener pensado to intend (to do something)
terminar to finish
toser to cough
trepar to climb
tropezar to stumble; to trip
tumbarse to lie down
vencer (1) to defeat
vencer (2) to expire or mature
vulnerar to violate; to infringe
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