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19 - Noun

cese cessation; termination;
privación deprivation
estrés stress
fortaleza strength
sentido sense
trastorno disorder
magia magic
milagro miracle
travesura mischief; prank;
vergüenza shame; disgrace
puntuación rating
chatarra scrap; junk;
despedida farewell
estadística statistics
estreno release; debut; premiere;
patrón pattern
deseo wish; desire;
estafa fraud; con;
galardón award; prize
Marruecos Morocco
alimento food
calabaza pumpkin
caramelo candy
tarta pie
miel honey
lágrimas tears
latido heartbeat; beat;
olor smell;
pulmón lung
llanto crying; tears;
mandíbula jaw
cráneo skull
niñera babysitter; nanny
pastor shepherd
peatón pedestrian
sobreviviente survivor
nena baby; sweetie; honey;
autoridades authorities
consejo council; board;
emisora station; radion station;
garaje garage
gasolinera gas station
tumba grave; tomb;
mota speck; tiny bit;
polvo dust
encimera countertop
fósforo matchstick
globo balloon
jarra pitcher; jug;
mármol marble
zapatillas sneakers
cebra zebra
diario (2) newspaper (publication)
maqueta model (small scale representation)
porro joint (of marijuana)
puñetazo punch (blow)
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