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AWL Sublist 2

Academic Word List Sublist 2

Achieve to succeed in doing something difficult
Acquisition the act of getting something, especially knowledge
Administration the work of organizing and arranging the operation of something
Affect to influence someone or something, or to cause them to change
Appropriate right for a particular situation or person
Aspect one part of a situation, problem, or subject
Assistance help
Categories a group of people or things of a similar type
Chapter one of parts that a book is divided into
Commission an official group of people who have been given responsibility to control something
Community the people living in a particular area
Complex difficult to understand
Conclusion your opinion after considering all information about something
Conduct the way someone behaves
Consequence the result of an action, especially a bad result
Construction the work of building houses, offices, bridges, etc.
Consumer someone who buys or uses goods or services
Credit a way of buying, something in which you pay for it at a later time
Cultural connected with the culture of particular society or group
Design the way in which something is planned and made
Distinct different and separate
Element a part of something
Equate to consider one thing to be the same as or equal to another thing
Evaluate to consider or study something carefully and decide how good or bad it is
Feature a type quality, or important part of something
Final last in a series or coming at the end of something
Focus If you focus a camera or something else that you look through, you make small to it until you can see something clearly.
Impact the effect that a person, event, or situation has on someone or something
Injure to hurt a person, animal, part of your body
Institute an organization where people do a particular king of scientific, educational, or social work
Invest to give money to a bank, business, etc, or. Buy something, because you hope to get money
Item a single thing in a set or on a list
Journal a magazine containing articles a about a particular subject
Maintain to make a situation or activity continue in the same way
Normal usual, ordinary, and expected
Obtain to get something
Participate to be involved with other people in an activity
Perceive to think of something or someone in a particular way
Positive feeling happy about your life and your future
Potential Having the capability to do something
Previous Existing or happening before
Primary Most important
Purchase buy
Range A group of differences. Things of the same general type
Region A particular area in a country or the world
Regulations An official rule that controls how something is done
Relevant related, important
Resident Someone who lives in a particular place
Resources Something that a country, person, organization has which they can use.
Restrictions A rule or law that limits what people can do:
Security The things that are done keep someone or something safe
Sought looked for (past of ‘to seek’)
Select To chose someone or something
15)Site This place where something important happened
Strategies A plan that you for something important
Survey Research or study which involves collection information about certain subjects of information.
Text The written words in a book, magazine, etc
Traditional Following customs or ways of behaving that a certain groups of people have over a long period of time.
Transfer To move someone or something from one place to another.
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