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el choclo corn
el maiz corn
la papa potado
la precipitacion precipitation
agrio (a) sour
caluroso(a) hot climate
escaso(a) scarce
lluvioso(a) rainy
nevado(a) snow-covered
cultivar to cultivate
el balcon balcony
el criollo a person of Spanish descent born in Latin America
la cuerda cord
la epoca period of time
el/la indigena indigenous person
la madera wood
la materia prima raw material
el nudo knot
el oro gold
el piso floor
la plata silver
la plaza town square
el quipu system of cords and knots used by indigenous people of Peru to cout
el tejedor weavor
el tejido weave
acomodado(a) rich, well off
bello(a) beautiful
colonial colonial
apouar to support
contar(ue) to count
situarse to be situated
soler(ue) to be accustomed to , tend to
subyugar to subjugate
tejer to weave
Created by: israel.medina