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capitulo 2

en el restaurante

Restaurant restaurante
table Mesa
waiter Mesero
waiter Camarero
waitress Mesera
waitress Camarera
cook(m) Cocinero
cook (f) cocinera
menu menú
credit card tarjeta de credito
tip propina
glass vaso
cup taza
suacer platillo
plate plato
fork tenedor
spoon cuchara
tea spoon cucharita
table cloth mantel
steak bistec
veal ternera
pork cerdo
lamb cordero
fish pescado
seafood mariscos
shrimp camarones
clams almejas
lobster langosta
garlic ajo
eggplant berenjena
artichoke alcachofa
rice arroz
corn maíz
salt sal
pepper pimienta
to set the table poner la mesa
to ask for/order pedir
to serve servir
to fry freír
to repeat repetir
to reserve reservar
to be hungry tener hambre
to be thristy tener sed
Created by: Coach Murga