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Spanish Unit Test

Activities and Pastimes

el atletismo track and field
la banda escolar school band
el debate debate
la equitacion horseback riding
el esqui acuatico water skiing
la excursion field trip
la gimnasia gymnastics
el golf golf
la lucha libre free fight
montar a caballo riding a horse
la natacion swimming
la oratoria public speeking
el partido game
el patinaje sobre hielo ice skating
el patinaje en linea in line skating
el torneo tournament
el animador cheerleader
el entrenador one who trains
el caballo horse
el jugador player
andar walk
aprender a to learn
asister a to attend
caminar to walk
coleccionar to collect
estampillas stamps
monedas coins
conversar to converse (talk)
coser to sew
cuidar a una mascota to take care of a pet
dar una vuelta por to take a stroll
disenar to design
paginas Web web pages
vestidos de gala formal wear
disfrutar to enjoy
divertirse to have fun
gozar to enjoy
hacer ejercicios aerobicos to do exercises
ir a pie to go on foot
jugar naipes to play cards
llegar tarde to arrive late
pasearse to take a stroll
participar en participate in
pintar paint
practicar las artes marciales to practice martial arts
salir (yo-go) bien/mal to do well or poorly
el equipo team
tocar un instrumento play an instrument
tomar clases de take classes of
trotar jog
reirse to laugh
Me da una rabia. makes me angry
Me rei mucho. I laugh a lot
fatal awful
increible incredible
escolar school related
aburrir to be bored
cansarse de to be tired of
estar loco por crazy about
interesar interested in
importar important
molestar to be bothered by
llamarle la atencion to call attention
para nada at all
doler to hurt
encantar to love
gustar to like
interesar to be interested
importar important to
faltar to be lacking
fascinar fascinated
parecer to seem
quedar to fit
perder to lose
ganar to win
Created by: WGZimm