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perfunctory not thorough; superficial
ascetic one who practices self-denial
impregnable difficult to refute, capable of conceiving, invinciple
lassitude lack of energy
welter bewildering jumble, clutter
asperity sharpness of temper, severity
convoluted highly complex, complicated, elaborate
obduracy stubbornness
probity adherence to the highest principles and ideals; integrity
stipulate make express conditions; specify, require
perfidious disloyal, deceitful
morose having a sullen and gloomy disposition
illusory deceptive, false
impassive without feeling
forestall prevent by taking action in advance; hinder
baleful threatening harm or misfortune; deadly
cogent convincing, well-argued; forceful, strong
commensurate corresponding in extent, degree; proportionate, equal
lachrymose given to tears or weeping
idyllic charmingly carefree and simple; unspoiled
elegy mournful poem; lament for the dead
rescind take away or take back
pathological relating to the study of disease; manifesting compulsive disease, abnormal
reprobate unprincipled or evil person; miscreant
plummet drop sharply; fall swiftly
apprise make aware of; advise
approbation approval; good opinion
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