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16 - Verbs

Spanish Verbs Intermediate

ahogarse to drown or go under
alejarse to move away
mudarse (1) to move (change location)
arrebatar to snatch
arrodilarse to kneel down
atascarse to get stuck or bogged down
atracar (2) to dock or berth
descansar to rest
doblarse to bend
escalar to climb
trepar to climb
esconder to hide
enderezar to straighten;
reposar to rest or lie down
tumbarse to lie down
acostarse to lie down; to go to bed; to go to sleep;
tropezar to stumble; to trip
acosar to harass; to pester; to hound
amedrentar to scare
anular to cancel
aplastar to crush or squash
apuñalar to stab
arremeter to charge at; to attack;
burlarse to mock; to make fun of;
denegar to deny (a request or right)
desbaratar to derail; to disrupt; to ruin;
disminuir to reduce; to decrease
hundir to sink or bring down;
incumplir to breach; failure to fulfill
mofarse to make fun of; to laugh at; to mock;
quebrar to break; to go bankrupt
reprobar to condemn; express disapproval of;
derrumbar to tear down; to demolish;
vencer (1) to defeat
mentir to lie
vulnerar to violate; to infringe
abofetear to slap
adiestrar to train
animar to encourage
conceder to grant or award
enterar to inform; to notify
orar to pray
respetar to respect, to obey
rezar to pray
acceder (1) to agree or accept the terms
acostumbrarse to get used to; to be accustomed to;
adivinar (2) to foretell or predict
averiguar to find out; to look into something;
centrarse to focus
comprobar to check or verify
desesperar to get exasperated; to go crazy
fingir to pretend
merecerse to deserve (merit); to be worth;
preocuparse to worry
pretender to purport; to intend (to do something);
tener pensado to intend (to do something)
adivinar to guess; to figure out
afirmar to state or assert
encontrar (1) to find
opinar to think
padecer to suffer; to endure
presionar to pressure
costar to struggle
enfatizar to emphasize
abarcar to cover; to extend over; span;
acceder (2) to access
adjuntar to attach
alojar to accommodate; to house
apuntar to point or indicate
atracarse to stuff oneself
atreverse to dare
aullar to howl
avivar to revive; rekindle; intensify
cautivar to captivate
ceder to give up; to ceder; to hand over
chismear to gossip
copiar to copy; imitate
derretirse to melt
desencadenar to unleash; to trigger;
detener to stop (something)
echar to give off; to emit;
echarse to throw oneself (to propel oneself)
empatar to tie (in a contest)
encajar to fit
encontrar (2) to meet; run into come across
enterarse to find out;
fundirse to melt
guiñar to wink
inundar to flood
latir to beat (heart)
ligar (1) to tie (something together)
ligar (2) to link
llevar a cabo to carry out; to execute
maniobrar to maneuver
mimar to coddle, spoil or pamper
navegar to sail; to navigate;
pasar por alto to overlook
pertenecer to belong to
pisar to step on; to tread on
programar to schedule
quedarse sin to run out of (something)
relucir to shine or gleam
retrasarse to be delayed or running late;
sacudir to shake
ser juzgado to be tried (legally)
sobrepasar to surpass; to exceed;
tardar to take (time to get something done)
terminar to finish
toser to cough
vencer (2) to expire or mature
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