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Summergrad's Vocab

Math MCAS Vocab

acute angle an angle measuring less than 90 degrees
add to join two numbers (or quantities) to get one number (called the sum or total)
amount quantity, number of, total, sum , size or extent
area the size a surface take up. measured in square units
aritmetic area of mathematics that includes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions
balance 1.) having the same weight ( mass ) on either side. 2) a weighing device using a beam
cents one hundred cents makes a dollar
centimeters (cm) a metric unit for measuring length, equal to one hundredth of a meter
chance the likelihood that a particular outcome will occur
chart information represented in the form of graphs or tables
compute/computation to calculate an answer or result especially using a computer
cost to calculate the price or expense of something
cube a solid shape that has 6 square faces, all equal in size; 8 vertices (corners) and 12 equal edges
diagrams a drawing or a plan that explains something
different/difference difference between two numbers (subtraction)
division/divide sharing or grouping a number into equal parts.
earned to receive payment for work done. To work to achieve a result.
estimate (to make) an approximate or rough calculation, often based on rounding.
exactly perfectly correct and accurate
feet imperial units for measuring length. 1 foot = 12 inches; 3 feet = 1 yard
figure a written number.
figuring the process of understanding or solving something.
fraction/fractional part any part of a group, number, or whole
graph drawing or diagram used to record information
greater than more than- shows relationships between numbers.
grid a set of straight lines that cross each other a right angles to form a regular pattern of squares.
hundreds the whole number, written 100, that is equal to 10x10
hundredths one part of something that has been divided into 100 parts, written 1/100
inches imperial unit for measuring length. 12 inches = 1 foot
input information fed into a computer.
length distance from one end to the other. How long something is.
likely probably
multply (multiplication) a mathematical operation where a number is added to itself a number of times
multiples a number that is the product of a given number and a whole number
number describe quantities or values
number sentence mathematical sentence written in numerals and mathematical symbols. often used instead of the word equation in primary schools
ordered pair a pair of numbers where order is important, for example (4,6) is different to (6,4) . often used to indicate a point on a coordinate plane, graph, or map
output an amount produced; product or yield . any information produced by a computer
parallel/parallel lines lines that are the same distance apart
pattern repeated design or recurring sequence
perimeter distance around the outside of a shape
pictograph graphs that use pictures to show data; the key of the pictograph tells what one picture represents
pounds standard imperial unit for measuring weight -16 ounces =1 pound
pyramid a solid shape with a polygon as a base an triangular faces that taper to a point ( vertex )
rectangle a quadrilateral with four right angles and two pairs of equal parallel sides
represent to stand for; be a sign or symbol of. to show in a picture; give a likeness of; portray
right angle an angle measuring 90 degrees
rule a mathematical procedure for performing an operation or solving a problem
set of data a collection of data
set/sets collection of items. members of a set are called elements
shape form or outline - pattern of objects
small/smaller ( smaller ) reduced in size
spin/spins to rotate or turn around, as if on an axis
Symmetry/Line of Symmetry an object is symmetrical when one half is a mirror image of the other half
Table mathematical information organized in columns and rows
Tally/Tally Chart using marks to record counting-count by 5s to get to the total
Tens the whole number,written 10,that comes after 9 and before 11
Total(amount,cost,number,or price) the sum or whole amount-the result of adding
Trapezoid quadrilateral this one pair of parallel sides
Triangle polygon with three angels and three sides
True/true statement agreeing with facts; not false; accurate
Unit another name for one. place value - the units column is the ones column
value numerical worth or amount
weigh/weight the weight of an object changes according to gravity a brick would be weightless in space, even though it still has the same mass as on earth
width breadth - distance across from side to side
answer the solution to a problem
compute to find an answer by using mathematics; to calculate
draw 1.) to figure out by using your power of reason (2.) to make a picture with a pen or pencil
explain/ tell to make something clear so that it is easier to
Created by: shannonduquette