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Spanish 1, Mid-term Review A

awful Pesimo
backpack mochila
bad malo - mal
bear oso
best friend mejor amigo
birthday cumpleanos
blonde rubio
brother hermano
cleans limpia
dances baila
finds encuentra
fish pez
floor piso
folder carpeta
gives her a flower le da una flor
goes to the house va a la casa
good evening buenas noches
grabs his head se agarra la cabeza
has a party tiene una fiesta
he/she doesn't know no sabe
he/she likes le gusta
he/she reads lee
he/she wants quiere
how many cuántos
I am bored estoy aburrido
I am going to voy a
I am well (fine). estoy bien
I don't know no se
I have yo tengo
I want yo quiero
in the evening por la noche
in the morning por la manana
lazy perezoso
listens escucha
love amor
month mes
more or less mas o menos
plays (games) Juega
plays the guitar Toca la guitarra
says to him/her Le dice
second Segundo
sees a girl Ve a una chica
shouts yes Grita si
sits down Se sienta
slowly Despacio
small Pequeno
sports Deportes
spring Primavera
stands up Se levanta
student Estudiante / alumno
talks a lot Habla mucho
they don’t exist Ellos no existen
they eat Ellos comen
trash Basura
walks Camina
watch, clock Reloj
what’s up Que tal
where are you from De donde eres / es
writes Escribe
years Anos
yellow Amarillo
you are athletic Tu eres atletico
Created by: senorjohnson