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Names and Symbols of the Periodic Table

Most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen
Symbol for Helium He
Symbol for Potassium K
Green gas, symbol Cl Chlorine
Metal used to galvanize steel to prevent rust Zinc
Gas found in light-bulbs to prevent the filament from burning Argon
Element that makes up 78% of the atmosphere Nitrogen
Element found in toothpaste and drinking water to strengthen teeth Fluorine
Element used in street lights. Symbol, Na Sodium
Symbol for Calcium, found in dairy products. Ca
Symbol for Magnesium Mg
Symbols for Silver and Gold Ag and Au
What the ancient Romans called Lead, which gave us its symbol Plumbum, Pb
2 elements added to tools to make them stronger and resistant to rust Chromium, Cr, and Vanadium, V.
Semi-metallic elements essential to computers Silicon, Si
Element that gives its name to the 5c coin Nickel, Ni
Symbol for the element Tungsten W
Element used to disinfect cuts and grazes Iodine
The Latin name for this element is Hydrargyrum Mercury Hg
Symbol for Arsenic, mainly used as a poison As
Element discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie, named after her homeland Polonium, Po
Yellow solid with a bad smell. Sulfur, S
The Latin name for this element is Ferrum Iron, Fe
Elements named after France, (2), Germany, (1), America, (1) and a small village in Scotland! Francium, Gallium, Germanium, Americium, Strontium
What you do with a dead chemist!!! Barium! Ba
Element whose name means "New" Neon, Ne
This element is named after the Norse god of thunder Thorium, Th
Brown colored element, one of only 2 liquids at room temperature Bromine, Br
Reactive metal found in phone batteries and fireworks Lithium, Li
Element named after the countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark Scandium, Sc
Cheap metal used in roofs, water pipes and electrical wires in buildings Copper, Cu
Element named after the moon Selenium, Se
Element that burns really well, found in safety matches Phosphorus, P
Lightweight metal used in aircraft manufacture and kitchens Aluminium, Al
Essential element for life, name means "Acid maker" Oxygen, O