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Physics test 1

T or F? Overhead suspension systems include two sets of rails for controlling longitudinal and transverse positioning and a telescoping column for controlling vertical distance. True
T or F? The exposure switch is designed to begin and end the x-ray exposure False
T or F? Automatic exposure controls are programmed to terminate the radiographic exposure current true
The voltage ripple of a single-phase fully rectified generator is: 100%
Diagnostic units operate within the diagnostic x-ray range of: 10-1200 mAs ; .001 to 10 seconds; 25-150 kVp
T or F? The purpose of the filament circuit is to create the thermoinic cloud of electrons at the filament. True
Which type of generator begins exposures at the highest possible mA to permit reduced exposure time? High mA potential
T or F? There are actually two different types of automatic exposure controls: photo timers and ionization chambers True
All of the following are types of tube supports, except: Wall-to-floor
T or F? Electricity is usually supplied to buildings in the united states by 60 Hz direct current? False (alternating current)
T or F? the purpose of the main circuit is to produce x-rays. True
T or F? The filament circuit consists of a step-up transformer. False
The rotor switch control in an x-ray circuit does the following: Speeds up the rotating anode
T or F? there are two types of automatic exposure controls True
T or F? Head units consist of an x-ray tube, Bucky tray and table False, no table
What is described as the length of time necessary for the AEC to respond to the radiation and for the generator to terminate the exposure? Minimum reaction time
The ionization chamber is placed between the ______ and the ______. Patient and Film
The incoming line current is supplied in the form of a ______ power cycle. Three-phase
T or F? All automatic exposure controls are equipped with an electronic interlocks that requires a manual backup time to be set. True
What timer is the most common timer in use today? Milliampere-Second
A difference between self-induction and mutual induction is that: Mutual induction requires two coils and self-induction requires only one coil
In an induction motor, the only part to be rotated is the ____? Rotor
An alternately expanding and contracting magnetic field is produced by____? A. stationary motor B. battery C. steady current flowing in a wire D. none of the above D. none of the above
T or F? Solenoids and the electromagnets demonstrate magnetic properties only while electric current is flowing True
T or F? no matter how much a magnet is divided, both poles continue to exist True
T or F? Any charged particle in motion creates a magnetic field True
T or F? The best example of a permanent magnet is the earth itself True
T or F? a moving electrical field produces a magnetic field True
T or F? Induction is the process of electric fields acting on one another with contact False
1 Tesla =________Gause 10,000
The process by which alternating current is changed to pulsating direct current is termed_______. rectification
A transformer with more turns on the secondary side compared to the primary side is referred to as a ______. Step-up transformer
T or F? Unlike charges attract, like charges repel. True
T or F? a generator is a device that inverts electrical energy into mechanical energy False
T or F? temporary magnets (electromagnets) are produced by a moving electrical current True
T or F? An overhead suspension system includes two sets of rails for controlling longitudinal and transverse positioning and a telescoping column for controlling vertical distance True
T or F? chest radiography should routinely be done in an upright position True
Electromagnetic waves are unique in that no _______ is required for transmission Medium
Electricity is usually supplied to buildings in the United States and Canada by ______Hz alternating current with ______voltz 60Hz; 220-240 volts
T or F? Alternating current supplied to buildings is called the incoming line current and is supplied in the form of a single-phase power cycle False, three-phase
T or F? For 3-phase power, the sum of the phasing drops to zero 6o times per cycle False, it never drops to zero
T or F? all exposure switches must be of the 'dead man' type in which x-ray exposures may occur only while the switch is depressed True
T or F? single phase generators with full wave rectification produces a voltage ripple of 50% False, 100% ripple
T or F? a full wave rectified, three-phase, twelve pulse waveform produces approximately 41% more photon energy than full-wave single phase True
T or F? Automatic exposure controls are programmed to terminate the radiographic exposure current true
T or F? All automatic exposure controls are equipped with an electronic interlocks that requires a manual backup time to be set true
The cathode is the _____ side of the x-ray tube Negative
T or F? there are two types of cathodes: rotating and stationary False- anode has 2 types
T orF? the line focus principle is used to reduce the effective area of the focal spot true
known as the anode heel effect, the radiation intensity is greater on the ________ side Cathode
The entire cathode and anode assembly, except the _______, is included in the glass envelope of the x-ray tube Stator
Leakage radiation must not exceed: 100 mR/hr at 1 meter
What is the anode material of choice for a general x-ray tube? Tungsten
T or F? the actual focal spot is the actual area of the focal track that is impacted by electrons (on the anode) True
What is one of the reasons that tungsten is the metal of choice for the general x-ray tube? 1- high Z 2- High melting point 3- heat conducting ability
T or F? the anode heel effect is best visualized when large film sizes are used at short distances true
T or F? Flouroscopic imaging typically uses 3 detectors for AEC. False, one radiograph typically uses 3
What type of radiation is produced at a location other than the focal spot? off-focus
T or F? X-ray photons are produced when the high-speed electrons from the anode strike a cathode target False- high speed electrons from the CATHODe to the ANODE
T or F? when incident electrons strike the target, they convert their kinetic energy to the atoms of the target material true
t or f? after giving up their energy to the target atoms, the electrons slow down enough to be conducted through the anode and the remainder of the high-voltage circuit true
t or f? incident electrons will experience only one interaction before slowing down enough to be conducted through the anode False, typically over 1,000 interactions
T or F? Over 99% of the kinetic energy of the incident electrons is converted to x-ray photons flase, heat
T or F? As kinetic energy of the electrons increases, so does the efficiency of photon production true
T or F? the energy of Bremsstrahlung photons is exactly the difference between the entering and exiting kinetic energy of the electron true
which interaction occurs when the incident electron interacts with an inner-shell electron: Bremsstrahlung or Characteristic? Characteristic
True of False? A generator is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy False, thats a motor
T or F? Mutual induction occurs when two coils are placed in proximity and a varying current is supplied to the first coil true
T or F? 1 Tesla= 10,000 Gauss true
T or F? temporary magnets are produced by a moving electrical current true
T or F? rectification is the process by which AC is changed to DC true
A device capable of accumulating and storing an electric charge is: a capacitor
T or F? a molecule is the smallest particle of an element that still possesses the chemical properties of that element False
T or F? X-rays originate from the nucleus of radioactive materials false
T or F? x-rays travel only in straight lines true
T or F? the nucleus of an atom is positively charged True
what is the law of conservation of energy? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted (heat)
Atomic number is the number of? protons in the nucleus
what year were X-rays discovered? 1895
what are two types of mechanical energy? Potential, kinetic
electromagnetic energy consists of alternating ________ and ________ fields? electric, magnetic
electromagnetic radiation can be characterized either as a __________ or a _________ wave; particle
which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelength? A: X-rays B: visible light C: ultraviolet D: radio waves D. radio waves
electromagnetic energy travels through spar in the form of: a wave
frequency and wavelength are _________ proportional inversely
T or F? all X-ray photons have the same energy false; xray photons are polyenergetic
T or F? mass is energy and energy is mass true
What is the unit of electric potential? volt
T or F? Ohm's law is given by P=IV False
T or F? the waveform for AC is a sine wave true
what is the equation can be used to calculate electric power consumption? P=IV
the unit of electrical power is _____. watt
the unit of current is _____. ampere
converts mechanical energy to electrical energy generator
Created by: taylos84
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