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Srta Lynch Pobreza

Poverty Curso 6 Leaving Cert Vocabulary

la pobreza poverty
la miseria destitution
desemparado helpless
gorronear to scrounge
marginado excluded
buscar refugio to seek refuge
una hipoteca a mortgage
medio ingreso average income
un salario a salary
ganar to earn
gastos expenses
evitar to avoid
una factura a bill
una cuenta a bill
un recibo a bill
el paro unemployment
el desempleo unemployment
sin techo homeless
indigente homeless
una presta a loan
un prestamista a loan shark
un usurero a loan shark
un comedor social a soup kitchen
impuestos taxes
deuda debt
refugiarse to take shelter
acabar en to end up in
el coste de la vida the cost of living
pasar necesidades to suffer hardships
un mendigo a beggar
mendigar to beg
caridad charity
la riqueza wealth
techo de cristal glass ceiling
el umbral de la pobreza the poverty line
un sueldo a wage
los gastos imprevistos unexpected expenses
cargas familiares family responsabilities
la privacion deprivation
una chabola a shack
la ludopatía addiction to gambling
Created by: Luvlycaroline