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preterite and imperf

when do you use preterite For actions that can be viewed as single events For actions that were repeated a specific number of times For actions that occurred during a specific period of time For actions that were part of a chain of events To state the beginning or the end of a
when do you use the imperfect For actions that were repeated habitually For actions that “set the stage” for another past action For telling time For stating one’s age For mental states (usually) For physical sensations (usually) To describe the characteristics of people, things
preterite ser & ir fui fuiste fue fuimos fuisteis fueron
Preterite dar dir diste dio dimos disleís dieron
Preterite hacer hice hiciste hizo hicimos hicisteis hicieron
how many imperfect irregular forms are there? 3
imperfect ser era eras era éramos erais eran
imperfect ir iba ibas iba íbamos ibais iban
imperfect ver veía veías veía veíamos veíais veían
preterite hint phrases 1 ayer (yesterday) anteayer (the day before yesterday) anoche (last night) desde el primer momento (from the first moment) durante dos siglos (for two centuries) el otro día (the other day) en ese momento (at that moment) entonces (then) esta mañana
imperfect hint phrases 1 a menudo (often) a veces (sometimes) generalmente (usually) cada día (every day) cada semana (every week) cada mes (every month) cada... con frecuencia (frequently) de vez en cuando (from time to time) en aquella época (at that time)
imperfect hint phrases 2 muchas veces (many times) mucho (a lot) nunca (never) por un rato (for awhile) siempre (always) tantas veces (so many times) todas las semanas (every week) etc todo el tiempo (all the time) varias veces (several times) frecuentemente (frequently)
preterite hint phrases 2 esta tarde (this afternoon) la semana pasada (last week) el mes pasado (last month) el año pasado (last year) hace dos días, años (two days, years ago) ayer por la mañana (yesterday morning) ayer por la tarde (yesterday afternoon)
Verbs that end in -gar change g to gu
Verbs that end in -car change c to qu
Verbs that end in -zar change z to c
Verbs that end in -aer, -eer, -oír, -oer, and uir change ió to yó and ieron to yeron
Preterite Verbs that end in -ucir are irregular and conjugated as follows: producir produje produjiste produjo produjimos produjisteis produjeron
Preterite decir dije dijiste dijo dijimos dijisteis dijeron
Preterite traer traje trajiste trajo trajimos trajisteis trajeron
Preterite ver vi viste vio vimos visteis vieron
Infinitive andar estar tener caber haber poder poner saber hacer querer venir Stem Change anduv- ester- tut- cup- hub- put- pus- sup- hic- quis- vin-
Created by: teebaughman