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Money Vocabulary

Grant money given to you that you do not have to repay
Student Loan money given to you that you must repay; usually with interest
Post-Secondary Education classes taken after high school graduation
Savings your own money kept away for a later time
Scholarship money awarded to you to pay for college
Tuition the cost of attending college
Vocational Training training you get on the job
Work-Study a job on a college campus; tuition reimbursement
Balance the amount of money in the checking account after calculating deposits and withdrawals
Check Register a balance sheet to keep track of spending
Bank financial institution dealing with money transactions
Bankruptcy a legal action when a person cannot pay their bills
Borrower a person taking money with intentions to pay it back
Charge to buy something on a credit card that you need to pay back
Checking Account a safe place in a bank that you can keep your money and withdrawal when needed
Credit Card a card used to purchase or pay something now and pay back over time with interest
Credit History a record of any financial transactions or payments made in your lifetime
Credit Report information gathered from credit history; negative items stay up to 7 years
Credit Score a number that represents a person's creditworthiness
Debit Card a card used to purchase or pay for something out of your bank account
Debt spending more than you have in your bank account
Deposit putting money into the bank
Fee money you have to pay for services; service charge
Interest money paid at a regular rate for the use of money lent
Lender a company that gives money expecting you to pay it back overtime with interest
Loan the amount of money being given that will be payed back
Overdraft when you spend more money than you have in the bank
Transaction anytime money goes in or out of your account
Transfer money moving from checking account to savings account
Withdrawal money leaving your account; bills, fee, purchases
Annual Salary how much money you earn in a years time
ATM automatic teller machine; a place to receive money from their checking/savings account
Career the job you choose to pursue for a long period of time
Checks money in the form of a paper that you fill out and sign to withdrawal money from your account
Income how much you earn for a paycheck
Lifetime Salary the money you make in your lifetime
Salary getting paid a set paycheck at the same time every month
Savings Account a bank account that earns money over time (interest)
Created by: kcrawford23
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