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Spanish Terms

Chapter 1 Section !

Activo(a) Active
Alto(a) Tall
Atletico(a) Athletic
Bajo(a) Short
Bonito(a) Pretty
Como eres (tu)? What are you like?
Como son...? What are ... like?
Estoy en una silla de ruedas. I use a wheelchair.
Extrovertido(a) Outgoing
Los fines de semana.. On weekends
Jugar al tenis (al ajedrez) To play tennis (chess)
Me levanto, (me bano)... I get up, (I take a bath)...
Mi.. se llama... My...'s name is...
Montar en bicicleta To ride a bike.
Moreno(a) Dark-haired; dark-skinned
Que hacen tus amigos los fines de semana? What do your friends do on weekends?
Que haces todas las mananas? What do you do every morning?
Rubio(a) Blond
Serio(a) Serious
Simpatico(a) Friendly
Soy... I'm...
Tengo pelo castano y ojos de color cafe. I have brown hair and brown eyes.
Todos los dias. Every day
Ven television, (traen peliculas)... They watch TV, (bring movies)...
A min (no) me gusta(n)... I (don't) like...
Le encanta(n)... He/she/you love(s)..
Le gusta(n) mucho... He/she/you like(s) ... very much
Le gusta ver al television He/she/you like(s) to watch TV.
(A ellos) le gusta(n)... They like.
Prefiere pasar el rato solo(a) He/she/you prefer(s) to spend time alone.
Prefiero... I prefer...
Que te gusta hacer..? What do you like to do...
Te gustan mas...o...? Do you like...or...more?
Y a tus amigos, que les gusta hacer? And your friends, what do they like to do?
Revisitas magazines
Jardin Garden
Ensyo Rehersal
Maquillaje Make-up
Juegas de mesa Board Games
Aquillar To rent
Aquillamos We rent
Created by: brinleyharley10