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math review #2

use digits to write the number one hundred thirty-six 136
The numbers 6,8, and 14 are a fact family. Write two addition and two subtraction problems using these numbers 6 + 8 = 14 8 + 6 = 14 14 - 8 = 6 14 - 6 = 8
Joe has 3 marbles in his right hand and some more in his left hand. If he has 11 marbles all together, how many marbles does he have in his left hand? 8 marbles
Thirty eight students sat on the west side of the commons. Forty four students sat on the east side of the commons. How many students were sitting in the commons? 82 students were sitting in the commons
Which benchmark would you choose to measure the length of your desk: inches, pounds, miles, or gallons? inches
How many digits are in the number 123,456? 6 digits
Steve leaves for soccer practice at 4:15pm. Practice lasts for 50 minutes. What time does he finish practice? 5:05 pm
Shelly has piano lessons after school. If her lessons last 30 minutes and she finishes at 5:45, what time does her lesson start? 5:15 pm
Find the missing number in this sequence: 36, 42, __________, 54, 60 48
Kelly has twenty nine dollars. She spends fourteen dollars. How much money does she have left? $15
What is the missing number: 42, 35, _____________, 21, 14 28
How many months are in five years? 60
How many days are in 3 weeks 21
How many seconds are in 2 minutes? 120
> , <, or = 4 years _________ 40 months > (greater than)
How many hours are in one day? 24 hours
How many hours are in 3 days? 72 hours
>, <, = 5 days _____________ 72 hours > (greater than)
n-8 = 6 n = 14
13 - n = 5 n = 8
What benchmark would you use to measure the hallway? inches, miles, gallon, feet feet
Created by: eknorthcutt