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C8 Online

CA Real Estate Practice- Online Search, Alerts, & Beyond

How often is the MLS updated? Every 15 minutes
MLS Aggregation collection of large amounts of seller info
Advertising paid promotion used to encourage your service to help persuade buyer/seller to use you
Publicity giving out information about a brokerage/salesperson using websites, social media, blogs, news, etc
Public Relations (PR) unpaid communication and relationships with various public audiences
Listing Syndication process of getting listing information displayed on numerous websites (Zillow, trulia, realtor.com)
Demographics study and prediction of things people do as they age; the ultimate tool for understanding population trends
Between which years were "Millennials" born? 1982-2004
How much of our workforce is expected to be taken over by millennials? 50%
Created by: lbrito0610