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Spanish Pt. 2

Central America is very... Poor
What is the average annual salary in Central America? $22,000
What kind of natural disasters are common? Hurricanes, volcanoes, and mudslides
What years was the Panama Canal built? Between 1910 and 1914
Who built the Panama Canal? Americans
Many diggers in Central America died of what? Malaria or yellow fever
What problems does Central America have? Drugs & civil war
Central America has fabulous what? Beaches
America del Sur consists of how many countries? 13
What is the capital of Columbia? Bogota
What is the capital of Venezuela? Caracas
What is the capital of Equador? Quito
What is the capital of Peru? Lima
What is the capital of Bolivia? La Paz
What is the capital of Paraguay? Asuncion
What is the capital of Uruguay? Montevideo
What is the capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires
What is the capital of Chile? Santiago
How many countries in America del Sur speak Spanish? 9
What exports does Comubia have? Coffee, emeralds, oils, and cocaine
Columbia has many problems with drug...? Cartels
Where are cartels located? Centered in Medellin and California
How many people can the golden frog kill? 10
Columbia is the only country in SA to have.......? 2 coastlines
Venezuela is very rich in....? Oil
What problems does Venezuela have? Traffickers hiding out
Venezuela is home to? Angel falls
How tall is angel falls? 3,212 ft tall
Equador is directly on the what? Equator
Equador is very what what and what? Hot, Humid, and full of jungles
Equador owns? Galapagos Island
Galapagos Island is home to what? Giant Tortoises
Galapagos Island is where who did most research on the evolution? Charles Darwin
Peru is home to who? The inca
The inca is a native tribe txt exsisted until? 1570
The Inca were conquered by who? Francisco Pizarro
Every Christmas, Peruvians celebrate what? Takanakuuy, a fighting festival
Peru is home to what? Macau Piccho
Macho Piccho is what? An Incan settlement
Created by: Meghan.keal