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Figurative Language

Hatler's Review

metaphor Comparison of unlike things not using like or as
metaphor Comparison term that usually uses "be verbs" like is, am, are, was, were
simile Comparison of unlike things using like or as
simile His hands were like old newspapers
metaphor Joanie was a breath of fresh air
allusion A reference in writing that refers to something or someone well known from history, literature, mythology, religion, etc
allusion The climber resembled Spiderman as he quickly scaled the mountain
allusion The young couple was the Romeo and Juliet of the school.
onomatopoeia She could hear the fizz of the pop as she poured it over a glass of ice
onomatopoeia A word that resembles the sound that it refers to
onomatopoeia The chair crashed to the ground!
idiom A group of words that as a whole mean something other than the literal meaning
idiom He broke the bank when he bought the fit bit with his money
idiom The coach told Jack to get his head in the game.
idiom Mrs. Johnson had a heart of gold!
alliteration Jennifer joked about jovial jackrabbits
alliteration Sarah said sorry because she sold her sisters socks.
alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds
hyperbole Her mom had heard it a million times!
hyperbole An exaggeration that is very unlikely to be true
personification Giving human qualities to nonhuman things
personification The sweet chocolate gently hugged the inside of my mouth
personification The sun's rays danced along the windshield
hyperbole My backpack weighs a ton!
assonance The repetition of vowel sounds (anywhere in the words) in close succession
assonance The kite flies high in the sky!
assonance Kate ate gummy bears for eight minutes straight.
metaphor The backpack was a boulder around my arm.
simile Johnny was like a puppy that had been kicked too many times.
hyperbole I will never get to the end of the mile run!
idiom I yelled, "I'm all ears, coach!" in the huddle.
allusion The captain of the team resembled Zeus himself as he stood proudly in the middle of the field.
personification The motorcycle screamed dangerously through the roundabout.
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