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After the F/I War

#1 Review of the events after the French and Indian War and Citizenship check.

In the United States, what is the Supreme law of the land? The Constitution
What territory did the United States buy from France in 1803? The Louisiana Territory
How many US Senators are there? 100
How many years is the term of office for an elected US Senator? 6
Why do some states have more Representatives than other states? Because some states have more people
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
If neither the President nor Vice-President can serve in office any longer due to illness or death or other problems, who becomes the President? The Speaker of the House.
After the French lost the French and Indian War, they were offered land in the Caribbean or this area: Land East of the Mississippi River
Spain sided with the French in the war and because they were on the losing side, what did they have to give to the British? Florida
After the war, what did the British give to the Spanish? Cuba
After the war, what did the French give to the Spanish to compensate them for loses to the British? Louisiana
France decided to take land in the Caribbean for this reason (give me one) Easier to defend, had sugar and spices,
The Proclamation of 1763 closed off this area to Colonial Expansion The area west of the Appalachian Mountains
Why did the King decide to draw the line that prevented Colonial expansion in the Proclamation of 1763? To calm the fears of the Indians.
Why did the King of Great Britain want to show the Indians he cared about them? Most tribes fought with the French and he needed them to remain peaceful.
The Proclamation of 1763 produced four new colonies: East Florida, West Florida, Grenada and.... Quebec
Under the Proclamation of 1763, what happened to land occupied by Colonists in the area reserved for Indians? The Colonists had to leave.
What did the British construct along the Proclamation Line? A series of outposts for Colonial Defense (or to protect the Indians from the Colonists: answer depended on who the British were talking to.)
Why did the Colonists feel closer to each other after the French and Indian War? They fought together for a common cause.
What additional items were taxed by the Sugar Act of 1764? Iron and Lumber
Why did they need to replace the original Sugar and Molasses Act of 1733? No one was paying the tax!
What did the new Sugar Act do to the Colonial economy? Disrupted it by decreasing markets to sell goods and limiting their ability to buy British goods.
What was the purpose of the Currency Act? Take control of the currency in the Colonies
What was the problem with the Colonial currency system? Each colony had it's own currency and they weren't equal.
How was the Currency Act enforced? By the Vice-Admiralty Court not Colonial Courts!
Why was the Stamp Act passed? To make the Colonists help pay for the war.
Why were the Colonists against the Stamp Act? Because they had no say! No representation in Parliament.
What were Colonists required to give the British soldiers on demand under the Quartering Act of 1765? Food, clothing, shelter, transportation
Were colonists compensated for providing items to the British soldiers under the Quartering Act of 1765? Nope, everything was free of charge.
Why was the Declaratory Act hated by the Colonies? It said they had no say in anything that dealt with their own lives. Great Britain was in charge and they had to do what they were told!
Why were the Townshend Acts imposed? To pay for administration of the Colonies
Name three things that were taxed under the Townshend Acts Glass, paint, oil, lead, paper, tea.
What was one result of the Townshend Acts? The British occupied Boston
How did the people of Boston react to their occupation? The Non-Importation Agreements
The non-importation Agreement was between Merchants and Traders of Boston
What items would Boston not import from other colonies that came from Great Britain? Tea, Glass, Paper
Name three items that were not included in the Non-importation Agreement because they were essential to the existence of Boston Salt, Coal, Fish hooks, Fishing line, hemp, lead and shot, wool, wire
How many Bostonians died in the Boston Massacre? 5
How many British soldiers died in the Boston massacre? None
Who defended the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre? John Adams
What happened to the British soldiers after their trial? They were evacuated from Boston.
Why did the British impose the Tea Act of 1773? To prop up the British East India Company because they were losing big bucks!
Was the Tea Act a good deal for the Colonies? Yes, it sold tea at a bargain rate!
Why did the Colonists resent the Tea Act? They thought it was a way to gain support for taxes and undercut merchants.
What was the response of the people to the Tea Act? They let it rot on the docks, or turned the ships around.
What did the people of Boston do regarding the ships loaded with tea in their port? They threw it in the harbor. Boston Tea Party!
What did the King do in response to the Boston Tea Party? The Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts) to bring the colonies back into line.
What did the Boston Port Act do? Closed down Boston Harbor
What did the Administration of Justice Act do to the people of Boston? Took away their right to conduct trials.
What did the Massachusetts Government Act decree? That all members of the governing council were to be appointed by the King.
What did the Quartering Act of 1774 do to the people of Boston? Placed soldiers in their homes on demand.
What did the Quebec Act do regarding religion? It allowed the people of Quebec to continue practicing their own religion.
What territory did the Quebec Act provide to the Colony of Quebec? All the territory in the Ohio River Valley, the land the British colonists had fought for!
By expanding the size of the Quebec colony, what did that do to the existing 13 colonies? Hemmed them in to an area between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains.
Why was the Quebec Act so harmful? It gave more freedom to the French remaining in Quebec than to the British colonists that fought for the land now given to the French settlers.
How did the Colonies retaliate to the Intolerable Acts? Articles of Association and the Galloway Plan
What were the Articles of Association? Prohibited trade with Great Britain (with few exceptions) and used citizen committees to enforce it.
What was the Galloway Plan? Big Compromise because NY, NJ, and PA wanted to make nice with the King.
Was the Galloway Plan a success? Nope, defeated in a 6-5 vote.
Who enforces the Laws ? The President or Executive Branch
Who makes the laws? The Legislative Branch
Who ensures the laws passed are Constitutional? The Judicial Branch