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13 - Adjectives

Spanish Adjectives Intermediate

griego Greek
coreana Korean
turca Turkish
canadiense Canadian
sureño southern
sagrado sacred; holy
capaz capable; able
valiente brave; courageous
valeroso courageous
orgulloso proud
dorada golden
fiel faithful
estupendo great; wonderful
blando soft
agrio bitter; disagreeable
lento slow
desempleado unemployed
ausente absent
salvaje wild
ambos both
pleno full; in the height of
mediático publicized; famous; high-profile;
embarazada pregnant
pésima aweful; disastrous; abysmal;
alarmante alarming
desconocido unknown
esperado expected
desorbitado disproportionate; excessive
bursátil of the stock market
escaso scarce; limited;
feroz fierce; ferocious
creciente growing
estrecho narrow; close (intimate); tight or close-fitting;
acordado agreed
bravo (2) fierce
en llamas on fire; in flames
varios several
distintos (2) various; several
distinto (1) different
ciego blind
calvo bald
amplio wide; broad; spacious;
culpable guilty
inocente innocent
equivocado wrong
mayor greater; higher; bigger; older;
escondido hidden
opuesto opposite; contrary;
exterior foreign
conservador conservative
acaudalado wealthy
económico inexpensive
dispuesto ready, prepared, disposed
decepcionado disappointed
ajeno (1) of another person;
ajeno (2) foreign; alien
sediento thirsty
hambriento hungry
constipado having a cold
verdadero true
enterada informed
callado silent; quiet
abrumado overwhelmed
espantoso horrific; awful;
engañoso deceitful; misleading
rodeado surrounded
vivo alive
escolar related to school
paranoico paranoid
raro weird; odd; rare
ajustado tight
picado chopped; minced;
décima tenth
vigesima twentieth
quinto fifth
poblado (adj) populated; populous
soltero unmarried; single
veraniego of summer
entero whole; entire;
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