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Steve Jobs vocab.1

Steve Jobs Commencement Address/ 24 vocabulary words

Adoption/Adopt The act of giving up a child to another person or family to raise as their own.
Animated Give(a movie or character)the appearance of movement using animation techniques.
Biological Related by blood,related genetically.
Biopsy A sample of cells.
Calligraphy Decorative handwriting or written letters.
Destination An intended ending point of a journey.
Diagnosis When you are told you have a disease or condition.
Diverge Separate in opposite directions
Dramatic Sudden and striking
Endoscope A small camera used to see inside of the body.
Entrepreneurs A person who creates and operates a business.
Expectations A strong belief that something will happen.
External Outside of, coming from an outside source.
Farewell Parting or good wished.
Graduation Celebration of an accomplishment, usually in school.
Hare Krishna Temple temple of worship for the Hare Krishna part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness(ISKC)Hindu based.
Incurable A person or disease that cannot be cured.
Intuition Your inner thoughts, a gut feeling.
Karma Happens as a result of your previous actions.
Pancreas a large gland behind the stomach
Renaissance a rebirth of thoughts, inventions, and ideas.
Sedated sleeping because of administered drugs or medicine.
Created by: ceje617