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espanol tres

vocab i have quizzes over

en inglesen espanol
to get used to acostumbrarse
to guess adivinar
to contribute aportar
to choose elegir
to make a mistake equivocarse
to evaluate evaluar
to behave/misbehave portarse bien/mal
to relax relejarse
to overcome vencer
self-esteem la autoestima
personality el caracter
confidence la confianza
instant el instinto
embarrassment la verguenza
distressed afligido/a
anxious ansioso/a
good-natured, kind bondadoso/a
jealous celoso/a
outgoing desenvuelto/a
carefree despreocupado/a
successful exitoso/a
funny gracioso/a
nasty, vulgar grosero/a
honest honrado/a
insecure inserguro/a
mature maduro/a
foul-mouthed malhablado/a
evil malvado/a
compulsive maniatico/a
liar mentiroso/a
proud orgulloso/a
rough rudo/a
demanding exigente
thorough minucioso
confident seguro/a
trusting confiado/a
trustworthy confiable
sensitive sensible
talkative platicador
cheap talk hablador
to overcome vencer
emotional visceral
sad melancolico
warm, affectionate efusivo
hero heroe/heroina
to suffer padecer
sacrifice el sacrificio
bravery valentia
courage valor
dedication dedicacion
to save/to help salvar
selfless desinteresado
destruction descrtruccion
to admire admirar
strong fuerte
Created by: smh