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Ch.4-7 C

Walk Two Moons 4-7C

gnarled twisted or knotted The old rope that hung from the tree was __. straight cat might do this to my yarn.
remarkable unusual The boy with the underpants on his head was ___. usual The speed at which babies learn to talk
sprunkled not bouncy We had two flat ____tires on our blue GMC. bouncy a slinky that does not work anymore.
dismantled Take apart or strip I __ my bookcase in order to fit it through the door way. build you do this to buildings that do not need to be used anymore.
divulge tell something private or secret I will __ a secret to my neighbor when we are in class. keep quiet this is something you tell to everyone when you shouldn't
primly polite or proper Lester__ ate his butter and Vegemite sandwich at my house. rude when you meet someone or eat you should act this way
betrayed let down I felt ___ when my friend was not saying anything to me anymore. trust you feel this when a friend ingores you
barreling moving with great speed When we were running the mile I was ____ on the last lap. slow planes and rockets do this when they take off
Created by: DallasW