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bathroom el baño
kitchen la cocina
dining room el comedor
home office el despacho
stairs las escaleras
garage el garaje
first floor la planta baja
second floor el primer piso
living room la sala
third floor el segundo piso
basement el sótano
bedroom el dormitorio
floor el piso
to live vivir
apartment el apartamento
far (from) lejos (de)
close (to); near cerca (de)
clean limpio,-a
dirty sucio,-a
room el cuarto
fourth floor el tercer piso
to iron planchar
to straighten up the room arreglar el cuarto
to cook cocinar
to cut the lawn cortar el césped
to feed the dog dar de comer al perro
to make the bed hacer la cama
to clean the bathroom limpiar el baño
to vacuum pasar la aspiradora
to set the table poner la mesa
to dust quitar el polvo
to take out the trash sacar la basura
to wash the clothes lavar la ropa
to wash the car lavar el coche, el carro
to help ayudar
enough; rather bastante
which ones? cuáles
money el dinero
one moment un momento
what are you doing? qué estás haciendo
to receive recibir
if, whether si
to wash the dishes lavar los platos
to give dar(yo-doy, tú-das, él,ella,ud.-da, nosotros-damos, vosotros-dais, ellos,ellas,uds.-dan)
to put, place poner(yo-pongo, tú-pones)
to take off, remove quitar
chores los quehaceres
present progressive-what is it used to state? what is happening in the moment, not tomorrow!
how do you form the present progressive? use the verb estar and the ending of the action verb
translate-I am cutting the grass. estoy cortando el césped
what is the gerund(present participle) the same thing as putting -ing onto the end of a verb in english
gerund of -ar -ando
gerund of -er -iendo
gerund of -ir -iendo
gerund of hablar hablando
gerund of comer comiendo
gerund of escribir escribiendo
how do you form a positive tú command? us the él,ella,ud. form of the verb
irregular positive tú command-hacer haz
irregular positive tú command-poner pon
irregular positive tú command-tener ten
irregular positive tú command-ser
irregular positive tú command-decir di
irregular positive tú command-salir sal
irregular positive tú command-venir ven
irregular positive tú command-ir ve
positive tú command-translate-have a drink ten una bebida
to say decir(yo-digo)
to come venir
to go out, leave salir
to have tener
to do hacer
to be ser
to go ir
to see ver
Created by: soccerislife1430
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