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Accuracy & Precision

Chemistry intro to accuracy and precision

The agreement between actual value and that obtained from an experiment is a measure of the ___________________ of the data. accuracy
Which measurement is more precise? 53.7 cm, 31.77 cm, 12 cm 31.77 cm
Liters are a measurement of this quantity volume
This presents infomation in rows and columns making it easier to read and understand a data table
International systems of units related by multiples of ten designed to provide a world wide standard of physical measurement metric (or SI) system
Describes how closely measurement are to each other and how carefully measurements were made precision
This is the Si and metric base unit for length meter
This is the amount of matter in an object is its mass
This is a type of graph used to show the relationship between two variables that are numbers on an x axis and y axis line graph
This is the metric base unit for mass g
This is the metric base unit for temperature Celsius
This is used to collect organized and summarize data in a visual way making it easy to use and understand graph
Three different people weigh a standard mass of 2.00 g on the same balance. Each person obtains a reading of exactly 7.32 g for the mass of the standard. These results imply that the balance that was used is:accurate, precise, both, or neither? precise but not accurate
Given the following set of measurements: 6.75 kg, 6.80 kg and 6.85 kg, if the true value is 6.80 kg, are the measurements accurate, precise, both, or neither? accurate and precise
True or False: If a measurement is precise, it must also be accurate. false
Kami measured the volume of a liquid three times and got these results: 66.71 mL, 66.70 mL, 66.69 mL. The actual volume of the liquid is 69.70 mL. Was she accurate? no
A basketball player shoots once and gets "nothin' but net". Was she accurate, precise, both, or neither? accurate, but not precise because she only tried once.
This is also called called reproducibility or repeatability. precision
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