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Voabulary of spanish 3 1st list

the forest el bosque
the desert el desierto
beautiful hermoso, hermosa
the nature la naturaleza
the landscape el paisaje
the refuge, shelter el refugio
the rock la roca
the sierra, mountain range la sierra
the valley el valle
to approach acercarse (a)
to walk, to move andar
to scare asustar
to take a walk, to stroll dar un paseo
to stop (Doing something) dejar de
to climb (a rock or mountain) escalar
to get lost perderse
to take shelter refugiarse
the binoculars los binocularse
the compass la brújula
the flash light la linterna
the insect repellent el repelente de insecto
the sleeping bag el saco de dormir
the tent la tienda de acampar
to hail caer granizo
hail el granizo
the lightning el relámpago
the thundar el trueno
to occur suceder
to take place tener lugar
at dawn al amanecer
at dusk al anochecer
at the begining al principio
a while un rato
once there una vez allí
Created by: Shiningsunsiraye