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Math Review

How many faces does a rectangular prism have? 6
How many vertices does a triangular pyramid have? 4
What is the product of 23 X 35? 805
What is 560 divided by 10? 56
How many centimeters are in a meter? 100
How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10
What is the definition of a quadrilateral? a polygon with 4 sides
What is the total cost of 2 iPOD Touches if they are $227.98 apiece? $455.96
What is the sum of 3,245 and 7,890? 11,135
How many hours would you work in a week if you worked 6 hours each day? 42 hours
What is the perimeter of a rectangle with the following sides: 4 cm and 6 cm? 20 cm
If the movie lasts 145 minutes, how many hours and minutes is that? 2 hours, 25 minutes
What is the product of 458 X 8? 3,664
Gage had $150.00. He wanted to buy a deer rifle that cost $254.00. How much more does Gage need to buy the camera? $104.00
What does the word "congruent" mean? Same size, same shape
What kind of angle is one that measures 90 degrees? right angle
What do the angles of a triangle equal up to? 180 degrees
If Guy drew a triangle that had one 35 degree angle and one 25 degree angle, what is the size of the third angle? 30 degrees
What kind of angle has a measurement that is less than 90 degrees? acute angle
What kind of angle has a measurement that is more than 90 degrees? obtuse angle
What is 4/5 + 1/5? 5/5 or 1 whole
What is 3/8 + 2/8? 5/8
What would the area of a square be if one side of the square measured 6 ft.? 36 square feet
Put the following decimals in order from least to greatest: 3.4, 5.67, 5.06, 3.467, 5.1. 3.4, 3.467, 5.06, 5.1, 5.67
What is the product of 4.34 X 2.3? 9.982
What are the chances of a red sock being pulled out of a drawer that had 3 red socks, 4 black, and 6 blue? 3 out of 13
What numbers would you use to write the following: four thousand, three hundred, sixty five? 4,365
If 2/3 of our class voted for pepperoni pizza, how many students out of 24 would have voted that way? 16
How many feet are in 3 yards? 9 feet
What does the 7 represent in the decimal 4.798? 7/10
Turn the following into a percentage: 51/100 51%
In a number sentence that has addition, subtraction, and division, which operation should you perform first? division
Continue the pattern 4 more steps: * * $ # # $ * * $.... # # $ *
What letters in the alphabet can be flipped and still look the same? A, H, I, M, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y
What are parallel lines? lines that will never cross
What math symbol shows perpendicular lines? +
Created by: mvinson