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G2&3 Adjectives

alt old
bequem comfortable
billig cheap
blau blue
bloed stupid
blond blonde
braun brown
bunt colorful
doof dumb
dumm dumb
dunkel- dark
elegant elegant
froh glad/happy
gelb yellow
gold gold
grau gray
gross big
gruen green
gut good
haesslich ugly
heiss hot
hell- bright
intelligent intelligent
interessant interesting
jung young
kalt cold
kaputt broken
klein small
klug smart
kuehl cool
kurz short
lang long
langsam slow
laut loud
lecker delicious
leicht easy
lila purple
lustig funny
modern modern
nett nice
neu new
normal normal
orange orange
phantasievoll creative/imaginative
prima great
reich rich
rosa pink
rot red
ruhig quiet/calm
rund round
schlecht bad
schoen beautiful
schwarz black
schwierig difficult
schnell fast
sensationell sensational
silber silver
super super
teuer expensive
toll cool,awesome
traurig sad
unbequem uncomfortable
warm warm
weiss white
wichtig important
wild wild
wunderbar wonderful
langweilig boring
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