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Physics 1-5

Grades 5 and 6 Physical World Heat & Energy

energy ability to perform work
mechanical energy energy of movement
chemical energy energy stored in chemical bonds
nuclear energy energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
thermal energy total kinetic energy that an object's molecules possess
electrical energy flow of electrons
magnetism attractive and repelling forces contained in magnetic materials
sound energy energy that travels in waves through matter and can be detected by the ear
light energy electromagnetic waves that can be detected by the eye
kinetic energy energy that is in motion
potential energy energy that is stored
photosynthesis reaction inside plants that combines water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to produce sugar and oxygen
cellular respiration process that breaks down sugar molecules to release the stored energy
digestion another word for cellular respiration
fossil fuels petroleum products formed from the remains of plants and animals that were buried in the past and placed under pressure
combustion releasing of energy through burning
fission breaking apart of a nucleus into smaller nuclei
fusion combining of nuclear particles to form a larger nucleus
atomic bomb weapon powered by fission
hydrogen bomb weapon powered by fusion
Created by: ChelsLegacy