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Health-related NOUNS and VERBS

la cita the appointment
la farmacia the pharmacy
las pastillas the pills
los síntomas the symptoms
una jarabe para la tos a syrup for the cough (cough syrup)
la herida / el corte the wound / the cut
la conmoción cerebral the concussion
el vendaje the "ace" bandage
el cabestrillo the sling
la escayola / el yeso the cast
la consulta the doctor's office
las muletas the crutches
el paicente the patient
el médico the doctor
la enfermera the nurse
la sala de espera the waiting room
doler to be painful
estornudar to sneeze
tener catarro to have a cold
tener fiebre to have a fever
tener tos to have a cough
tener gripe / influenza to have the flu
tener mocos to have a runny nose
guardar cama to stay in bed
estar roto to be broken
tomar la medicina to take the medicine
tomar un helado to have an ice cream
tomar un refresco to have a refreshment
tener razón to have rightness (to be correct)
tener miedo to have fear (to be afraid)
tener interés to have interest (to be interested in)
tener vergüenza to have shame (be be embarrassed)
toser to cough
dar un diagnosos to give a diagnosis
hacer un esguince to cause a sprain
recetar pastillas to prescribe pills
recibir una receta to receive a prescription
vender una curita to sell a band-aid
vivir una vida sana to live a healthy life
hacer ejercicios to exercise
tener hambre to have hungry (to be hungry)
tener sed to have thirst (to be thirsty)
tener que _____ to have to (do something)
tener prisa to have haste (to be in a hurry)
tener planes to have plans
tener cuidado to have care (to be careful)
tener ganas de _____ to have the desire (to do something) / to feel like doing something
tener sueño to have sleepiness (to be sleepy)
Created by: Sra_Balsama