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to want Querer (ie)
to need Necesitar
to insist Insistir
to demand Exigir
to wish Desear
to prefer Preferir (ie)
to hope Esperar
to prevent Impedir
to oppose Oponerse a
God willing Ojala
to ask for Pedir (le)
to beg (S) Suplicar (le)
to beg (R) Rogar (ue)
to recomend Recomendar (ie) (le)
to suggest Sugerir (ie) (le)
to council Aconsejar (le)
to permit (P) Permitir (le)
to permit (D) Dejar (le)
to command Mandar (le)
to prohibit Prohibir (le)
to say Decir (le)
to rejoice that Alegrarse de que
to be happy that Estar: feliz, contento, encantado de que
(I) like that (me) gusta que
it really pleases me that (I) love that (me) encanta que
to feel that Sentir que
to get sad that Entristecerse que
to regret that Lamentar que
to disaprove that Deplorar que
to be sad that Estar triste que
it gives me pain that it makes me sad that (me) da pena que
I am disapointed that (me) desilusiona que
I have fear that Tener medio de que
to fear that Temer que
it makes me angry/mad that (me) enoja que
it makes me mad/angry that (me) enfada que
it irritates me that (me) irrita que
it bothers me that (me) molesta que
it surprises me that (me) sorprende que
it amazes me that (me) asombra que
it scares me that (me) asusta que
to be proud that Estar orgulloso que
enorgullecerse to get/become proud
to doubt dudar
to believe creer
to be sure estar seguro
to be certain estar cierto
to think something pensar
its good Es bueno
its bad Es malo
its better/best Es mejor
its necessary(n) Es necesario
its important Es importante
its necessary(p) Es preciso
its nice Es agradable
its absurd Es absurdo
its rediculous Es ridículo
its rare Es raro
its surprising Es sorprendente
its scandalous Es scandaloso
its a shame Es lástima
its doubtfull Es dudoso
its worth it (the pain) vale (la pena)
Created by: Hajra Maqsoos