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Spanish Medical

Medical Vocab Spanish

How are you? ¿Cómo está usted?
How are you feeling? ¿Cómo se siente usted?
What hurts? ¿Qué le duele a usted?
Do you have pain of...? ¿Tiene usted dolor de?
Do you have a fever? ¿Tiene usted fiebre?
to have a cold estar resfriado
to sneeze estornudar
to cough toser
to blow one's nose sonarse la nariz
to prescribe recetar
to take tomar
cough syrup jarabe para la tos
Vitamins vitaminas
to stay in bed guardar la cama
to have a stomach ache tener dolor del estómago
to vomit vomitar
to feel dizzy marearse
Antibiotics antibióticos
to remove the stomach quitar el estómago
to (not) get better (no) mejorarse
to have the flu tener la gripe
to have pain of tener dolor de
I have pain of me duele(n)
to have a fever tener fiebre
Aspirin aspirinas
a lot of water mucho agua
a lot of juice mucho jugo
to feel weak sentirse débil
to not be hungry no tener hambre
to be extremely tired estar cansadísimo
to have mononucleosis tener mononucleosis
to suffer from insomnia sufrir de insomnio
to suffer from dizzy spells padecer de mareos
to suffer from sore muscles sufrir de dolores musculares
to hit one's head golpearse la cabeza
to look into the eye asomar al ojo
eye drops gotas de ojo
to not close eyes for a week no cerrar los ojos por una semana
to have a sore throat tener dolor de garganta
to be difficult to swallow ser difícil a tragar
to prescribe penicillin recetar penicilina
the infection la infección
to take care of oneself cuidarse
to break one's leg romperse la pierna
to fracture one's ankle fracturarse el tobillo
to need necesitar
an x-ray una radiographía
a cast un yeso
Crutches unas muletas
to take pills for the pain tomar píldoras para el dolor
to cut one's hand cortarse la mano
to examine examinar
to need a bandage necesitar una venda
to burn one's face quemarse la cara
to bandage the wound vendar la herida
a bandage una venda
a bandaid una curita
I feel that… lo siento que...
I am going to prescribe voy a recetarle
I fear that temo que
I recommend that… Le recomiendo que...
Created by: Hajra Maqsoos