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Statistic 3

Studying for chapter 3 quiz

What is the first thing you should do with data? Make a picture
What good is making pictures? Help you think clearly about the patterns and relationships of the data, show the important features and patterns in the data, it is the best way to tell others about the data
Making piles is the start of what? The start of all science and understanding about the data
What is a frequency table a table which records the totals and category names
What is a relative frequency table? A table that gives the percentages rather than the counts of the values in each category
What is area principle? Each data value should be represented by the same amount of area
What does a bar chart display? a bar representing the count of each category.
What is a contingency table Contingent on the value of the other variable
What is a cell give the counts for every combination of values for the 2 variables
.Why do you not use 3D pie chart? It makes it difficult to compare a segment to the whole
What can go wrong? Don't violate the principle area, keep it honest, don't confuse similar-sounding percentage, use enough individuals, don't overstate your case,
What is Simpson's paradox? When averages are taken across different groups, they can appear to be contradictory.
What is independence? Conditional distribution of one variable is teh same for each category of the other.
What is conditional distribution? The distribution of a variable restricting the Who to consider a smaller group of individuals
What the distribution of a variable gives possible values of the variable and the relative frequency of each value
pie chart shows a wedge of a circle whose area corresponds to the proportion in each category
Marginal distribution the distribution of variable alone
Created by: Tiffastic