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pursue follow
mourn feel sorrow or sadness for death
myriad a lot of, thousands
ponder wonder, think a long time over something
startled caused to feel sudden shock or alarm, surprised
eliciting evoke or call on a response from someone
nodded move head up and down to indicate agreement or understanding
forbade refused to allow, not permitted
siblings brothers and sisters
looters people who steal
chagrin distressed or humiliated
blunt very to the point and direct
terms of endearment nicknames used for loved ones
fend for himself independent
fiercely aggressively, with force
antsy impatient and agitated
groundbreaking something very new, big, and exciting
sustainable able to be maintained
hypocrite a person who says one thing and does the opposite
commotion a lot of noise or activity
relish enjoy very greatly
carry the burden hold the greatest responsibility and blame if things go wrong
under the radar going unnoticed; able to do things without people noticing
chilling frightening
crucial very important; necessary
frantic done quickly and nervously
compromise coming to an agreement; meeting in the middle
conjure make something appear or come to your mind out of nowhere
painstakingly with much effort
smirk smile with hidden or evil intentions; a clever look
precarious dangerous
render provide or give a service
unabashed not embarrassed or ashamed
shrouded covered to conceal from view; hidden
commiserate express sympathy and understanding of a bad situation
presumptuous arrogant and overly confident
encounter find
badger bother someone; annoy in an attempt to get something you want
illuminate show the truth or light; reveal
tattered old and torn; in bad condition
prestigious inspiring respect and admiration; having high status
conspiratorial involving a secret plan by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal
heinous extremely hateful or wicked
snippet a small piece or brief summary of events
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